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How come when I do disk cleanup it always says 165mb?

April 21st, 2013 4 comments

Everytime I run disk cleanup on my machine, even if it’s just moments apart and I haven’t run any programs or used the internet, there is always 165MB of "temporary files" that won’t delete? I tried using all of the browser tools, all of the run commands, and it’s still there…

Try ccleaner. Available legal and free from
It is really easy to use, and you can even clean your registry and temp. files and recycle bin very easily.

Clear Msn History and Delete Msn History Tools

September 25th, 2012 5 comments

The modern era of communication prompts practically everyone to surf the internet for some reason or the other. The number of people who use emails for communicating with his/her friends, family members, or even business purposes is also increasing day-by-day. Same is the case with people using online messaging services. All this information and data that is passed from one person to the other is not meant to be seen by a third person. And in a bid to destroy this evidence, everyone tends to delete and clear the history.

However, majority of the people are not aware of the fact that just clearing the internet history or chat history is not sufficient to get rid of any of this intimidating data. The computer automatically stores all data, images, pictures, and websites, basically everything that you do in certain hidden files in the computer. These files or information cannot be permanently removed by just deleting the files or clearing internet cache. What is not seen or known to you still exists in the computer, and this information can be accessed to by hackers and people well versed with the computer. These files can also be recovered using certain data recovery programs.

Hence, to permanently eliminate all this unnecessary data from your computer, you need to install any of the popular internet eraser software available today. The internet eraser software allows you to delete your browser history, browser cache, cookies, and Windows temporary files. You can remove all unwanted files from your computer in just a few minutes. The internet eraser software assures the privacy and protection you were looking for. The software is easy to use and comes with several advanced options. Internet eraser software permits to automatically or manually remove files from you computer. If you set the manual option, you can select which all files you need to remove and which files you wish to keep in the system.

One can now easily download the internet eraser software from the internet. However, before selecting any particular internet eraser software, it is always a good option to compare the features of several internet eraser software programs and then select the one which offers the highest protection at affordable rates.

Sam Roberts

Internet Tools Menu

November 7th, 2011 No comments

Most occasions operating on the net, Online explorer will show Scrip Error on the net. Online Explorer Script Errors comes quite often when there is situation with the programmer existing on the net. And Script errors is also the result of the computer system setting which stay clear of IE to carry out the script appropriately.

If there is no situation with the programmer on the net page, then u have to check net page any other use account, some other browser, and numerous computer system technique. With this you will come to know exactly where specifically the situation exists. If then there is no error with the plan when applying numerous browser, computer system or account then situation have to be with the settings of the computer system or files of the computer system. If this is the cause u have to have to click following process: Get started IE, In the Tools menu click Online Options then in the dialog box click Security Tab, Click Default Level and then Ok.

You even have to have to check no matter if IE has blocked Active X, Active Scripting. Delete the temporary Internet-associated files. The cause is quite often the size of files becomes exceptionally major that is why some display challenges exists whenever we open net page. To delete all the existing Temporary saved files-Get started Internet Explorer, On the Tools menu click Online Options then click the General Tab click Settings click Delete files and Ok, also click Delete Cookies and once again Ok, click Clear History Yes and Ok.

If you are confident that there is no situation with computer system technique and the browser you have to have to repair Script Engine for Explorer for the millennium edition, Windows 98 and its second edition. Script Engine can be updated as properly. Online Explorer script error appears when your plan does not display any video, Smooth Scrolling can be the cause of the script error.

To overcome from Smooth Scrolling when applying IE 6 follow the following methods: On the Tools menu, click Internet Options, then on the Advanced tab, click Use Smooth Scrolling check box, Click OK, and u can exit from browser. 1 way more resolution to Online Explorer Script errors is you can install recent software updates and service pack for Online Explorer 7 or Internet Explorer6. You can install Online 6 or 7.

Hardware Accelerations are use in IE to enhance the speed of the programmers. And if the Hardware Accelerations are set incorrectly this will also result in Script Errors. To overcome from this situation turn off Hardware Acceleration.

Pick Click the solution Get started, then in the Open box, variety desk.cpl and press Enter. Click Settings tab, and Advanced tab. Then click Troubleshoot tab, and shift the Hardware Acceleration slider to None. And lastly press OK two occasions. At occasions IE Script Errors are annoying. You can even hide this message. To get rid of these errors 1 should certainly follow the following methods:

Open IE, Go to Tools menu, click the Internet Option menu item, Open Advanced tab and then click Ok button on the box subsequent to the Display script. And then ok.

That is it. You are performed.