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Top 3 SEO Tools to See How Well You Do in SEO

June 4th, 2012 3 comments

SEO has proven to become a great factor in the success of a website. Have you ever wondered how successful your SEO campaign is? Well there are several tools around the web that measure that success, some are accurate enough to provide you the details that you wanted while others seem otherwise.. So let me give you the top 3 tools that we use to keep track of our progress when it comes to internet marketing campaign including SEO. Let’s start first at number 3 down to number 1.

#3 SEO Tool: SiteYogi

One of the sites we found is SiteYogi. Now don’t misunderstand the Yogi part with Yogi Bear. Yogi in Yoga means someone who knows that the entire cosmos is situated within his own body. Much like it’s built for, SiteYogi determines the site’s inner cosmos or what we say its capability to become successful in internet marketing and in SEO.

Upon arriving at the site, you can already guess what the site will offer at first glance. The site’s pretty straightforward once you look at it, no sign ups, no registrations, and no payments what-so-ever. All  you have to do is input the domain of the site that you want to be analyzed, sit back and watch. The wait will only take seconds, depending on the speed of your internet. Then gradually, you’ll see on the panels the fields being filled in which contain information about your site.

The first panel indicates the diagnosis of your site. The good thing about SiteYogi’s diagnosis is that it gives a score or an average grade on every detail your site has such as URL, Title, Keywords, Description, HTML Tags, HTML size, and Favicon — thumbs up means good and thumbs down means, well, not-so good. It also gives some comments and recommendations on how to make your site rank better such as working on the site’s URL or keywords or description.

SiteYogi is a great tool for SEO because it also provides other information that can be very beneficial on an SEO campaign such as the site’s ranking, syndication, social bookmarks, validations, indexed pages, and backlinks.

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#2 SEO Tool: Website Grader

Another great tool we stumbled across is the Website Grader. From the name itself, Website Grader is built to grade a website. Website Grader is a free SEO tool that measures the marketing effectiveness of a website. It provides a score that incorporates things like website traffic, SEO, social popularity and other technical factors. It also provides some basic advice on how the website can be improved from a marketing perspective. This is the information we found on their site.

Now what’s the difference between SiteYogi and Website Grader? Well both of them can provide information about a site. One good thing about Website Grader is that it can provide more comprehensive information on every detail about the site. It can give a more expounded detail with comments and recommendations.

Here are the things that the Website Grader would usually check about the site:

  • On-Page SEO

    • Metadata

    • Heading Summary

    • Image Summary

    • Interior Page Analysis

    • Readability Level

  • Off-Page SEO

    • Domain Info

    • Google PageRank

    • Google Indexed Pages

    • Last Google Crawl Date

    • Traffic Rank

    • Inbound Links

    • DMOZ Directory

    • Yahoo! Directory

    • ZoomInfo

  • Blogosphere

    • Blog Analysis

    • Blog Ranking

    • Recent Blog Articles

  • Social Mediasphere

    • bookmarks

    • Submission Summary

  • Converting Qualified Visitors to Leads

    • RSS Feeds

    • Conversion Form

  • Competitive Intelligence

    • Keyword Grader

    • Competing Websites

    • Historical Data Available

Now isn’t that comprehensive enough? The cool thing about this site is that aside from giving out good comments and recommendations, it also explains the importance of every detail shown above such as what metadatas are for or what is the relevance of checking interior pages rather than the homepage alone, or why it is important to check the readability level of the site. Checking these things are important for the success of a website.

Another great thing about this site is that it analyzes how well a site fare’s with its competition. It shows an organized and complete detail about the site and its competitor (remember to indicate your competitor’s domain before you ran the test/analysis) such as the keywords they are competing for, grade (Website Grader’s grade), Google PageRank, Google Indexed Pages, Traffic Rank, Blog Rank, Inbound Links, and Bookmarks.

Website Grader is a tool that can be used to analyze the site’s effectiveness in internet marketing. Though there are some similarities with SiteYogi, Website Grader is much adequately used with internet marketing campaigns. As  Website Grader also gives out recommendations on how to make a site more successful in some parts of SEO, it is much more focused on grading a website based on its internet marketing campaign which also includes SEO.


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#1 SEO Tool: Trifecta

Now here is our number one favorite, SEOmoz’s Trifecta. Trifecta is almost synonymous to Website Grader in terms of giving an overall grade; the only difference is that Trifecta focuses more on SEO. Trifecta is a tool used to measure how important and popular a website is in the web from its domain and through its pages.

Every factor that may affect the success of a website is included in Trifecta, factors which are used to determine the strength of a domain such as:

  • PageRank of Homepage

  • Average PageRank of Top 10 Pages On Site

  • DMOZ Links

  • Median PageRanks of Top 10 Pages On Site

  • Google News Mentions

  • Google Blog Search Links

  • Google Domain Mentions

  • Compete Rank

  • Alexa Rank

  • Yahoo! Site Explorer Links to Domain

  • Quantcast Rank

  • Wikipedia Links

  • Technorati Blog Reactions

  • Age in Days

And factors which are used to determine the strength of a page in the web such as:

  • Ranking At Google For 1st 4 Words In Title Tag

  • Pagerank Of Homepage

  • Google Blog Search Links To Page

  • Yahoo Internal Links Percentage

  • Yahoo Site Explorer Links To Page

  • Pagerank Of Page

  • Yahoo Site Explorer Links To Domain

  • Google Url Mentions

Through the results of these factors, Trifecta can calculate and measure the popularity and importance of a website in the World Wide Web.

And much like Website Grader, Trifecta can also provide a comprehensive detail about every factor that affects the success of a website. Trifecta can also offer a detailed outlook on the competitiveness of a website not only on its competitors, but to all industry such as in business, technology, health, science and many more. Through this, one can compare how valuable or important a website is in the whole web. The more important and popular it is in the web, the more successful it is in all types of industry.

Another thing about Trifecta is that it can also provide comments and recommendations on how to make your website more successful. But unlike the two that I’ve discussed earlier, Trifecta can provide some learning materials coming from its own creator, SEOmoz. As one of the most popular provider of SEO tools and guidelines, SEOmoz can offer a wide range of utilities, including Trifecta, and popular tutorials for SEO campaigns, thus using Trifecta can offer a more accurate and precise reading on how popular it is on the web and how well it fares in SEO.

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Information Regarding Internet Toolbar Missing

December 24th, 2011 No comments

Just like all the other components of a computer, Internet Explorer can also succumb to malfunction and errors. Some of the possible factors that can make it work inappropriately and inefficiently are missing registrations and damaged files. In order to solve these problems, it is important to learn how to reinstall IE. However, there are certain important things to do before anyone can achieve a successful reinstallation process, namely learning how to backup IE favorites as well as the different steps in uninstalling the program in the first place.

How to Backup your Favorites

For more information on internet toolbar missing click here

Internet Toolbar Missing

November 7th, 2011 No comments

Just like all the other elements of a computer system, Online Explorer can also succumb to malfunction and errors. Some of the attainable components that can make it perform inappropriately and inefficiently are missing registrations and damaged files. In order to solve these challenges, it is valuable to find out how to reinstall IE. In spite of this, there are specific valuable factors to do ahead of any one can obtain a prosperous reinstallation approach, namely understanding how to backup IE favorites as properly as the numerous methods in uninstalling the plan in the initially location.

How to Backup your Favorites

Run the Online Explorer plan and then click the File button located on the toolbar. Find the Import and Export solution and then click it. Just after carrying out this, the Import/Export Wizard plan will run. Pick out the Subsequent button and proceed to the screen of the Import/Export Choice. Pick the Export Favorites solution and then click Subsequent. Preserve the highlight on the Favorites folder and then click the Subsequent button when once again. You can navigate your way to the location exactly where you wish to put the Favorites by basically clicking the Browse button. Just after carrying out these methods, you can save them to a flash drive or a CD based on your preferred signifies of transporting files. Pick out the Finish button.

Methods to Uninstall Online Explorer

To uninstall a non-functional or inefficient IE, start by clicking the Get started menu and then go to the Manage Panel solution. Click on the Add or Take away Programs button. Find the Online Explorer from a list of on the market programs installed in your computer system. Pick out the Take away button and then total the approach by clicking the Yes button.

How to Reinstall Online Explorer

Just after effectively backing up your IE favourites and uninstalling the malfunctioning Online Explorer, you have to find out how to reinstall IE. In case resetting your computer system can not fix the challenges, it is the perfect time to reinstall the plan. Attempt to download the plan from the Net web-site of Microsoft. Click on the Install solution and wait for a couple of minutes for the installation approach to total. In case you are experiencing browser challenges, computer system professionals advise the use of the Windows XP Service Pack three.

Further Techniques and Other Valuable Information and facts

In case concerns arise about uninstalling IE, the plan comes with a FAQs page exactly where there are most valuable particulars about a wide wide variety of important topics. In addition, be confident that your computer system can run the IE as properly as its other important elements.