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How to Beat Competitors Using SEO

March 2nd, 2013 3 comments

It does not matter what your business does, it will have competitors. If it is from selling baby clothes to web design there will always be people trying to be cheaper and better than you. If they are online they will be fighting with you for that number one spot in Google and to be able to beat them, you must know how to successfully compete.

Search Engine Optimization is a hugely important way in which you can compete with your competitors online but to be able to do these you need to know who you are up against just as much as you know about your products and services.

You have to take a look at competitor’s sites and come up with a list of all of the sites that may be selling the same thing or offering the same services. Look out for the ones at the top of search engine lists as these are the ones that are obviously doing well. While you are on the site be sure to take a look at the design, keywords used and anything else that could make this site the top of Google. You could also do a cheeky check of their back links with a back link checker to see where they are linked to, and maybe as for your link to be on there too.

When you have done your research you should then start to search for ways to increase the SEO Value of your site by thinking of better keywords that will be more effective, different content, maybe a new layout that is SEO friendly and anything else that you can think of to make you stand out above your competitor. This may take some time and it is not a one off, you need to do this regularly to stay better than the rest.

As well as trying to look at other’s ideas you should try to come up with things that your competitors haven’t thought of yet. Different and new ideas will increase your position and ranking but make sure this is tested and successful before you depend too much on it.

Keep going over your research findings and decide what is good and what is lame and keep an eye on what your competitors are trying out. If you know your competitors you are halfway to being a success.

Sortins Technologies

Installing Active X

March 2nd, 2013 4 comments

Few Internet technologies have caused as much stir and excitement as Active X. Developed by Microsoft, it has become responsible for refining and improving a wide range of applications, both for personal computers and the Internet.

Introducing Active X

Most people think of Active X as some sort of Internet technology, and that is partly true. In fact, Active X consists of several object oriented utilities that are not just aimed at improving elements on the Web (such as message boards, and web applets), but they can also help various other processes in a computer run more smoothly.

How to Install Active X

With all the possibilities that abound with Active X, a lot of users want to make sure that they have the component in their systems, and often ask how and where to download the program.

However, for the most part, PC users do not even have to do anything. If their PC comes bundled with Internet Explorer, or they have downloaded it, then they already have Active X on their computer, as the web browser installs it automatically.

If you do not have Internet Explorer on your system, there is another way to determine if you have the components installed. You can just open Windows Explorer and do a search for files ending in .ocx (Object Linking and Embedding Object). It is a part of Active X, so having this file means you have it on your PC.


Active X is a complex piece and consists of several parts but one of the most important is the COM, or component object model. It performs various tasks but it is manly used to help write software to function properly within Active X controls. There are also several components that ensure the stability and functionality of the programs.

Configuring and Upgrading Active X

Most of the time Active X components work seamlessly with the Net, but if you want to fine tune it, you can make some modifications through Internet Explorer. Go to the Tools menu, click the “security” option and you will be presented with the Internet Zone dialog box.

To make changes, use your mouse to adjust the slider, or you can click the Custom Level tab and make manual adjustments. When you are done, click OK.

The procedure for upgrading and updating Active X on your computer is no different from other software. You can just go to Microsoft’s web site and download the latest version. If you have the auto update on, Windows will perform the update for you.

Installing Active X with Firefox

Current versions of the Firefox browser do not have native support for Active X controls. However, you can use some third party applications, such as Mozilla Active X, to enable Firefox to recognize Active X.

Active X and Macintosh Systems

Most Mac users do not need Active X controls but in can be present in their operating systems too. The reason is that some web applications, such as video conferencing, avail of Active X components to function properly. The same can also be said of Unix, particularly if some Internet related software is installed on the system.

Peter Garant

Common Mistakes In Web Site Submission

February 24th, 2013 4 comments

Submitting your web site to a search engine is an effective way to bring targeted visitors to your web site. However, when it comes to web site submission, there are certain common mistakes that people tend to make repeatedly. By avoiding these mistakes, you can avoid a lot of grief and frustration in the end.

One of the most common mistakes is not checking that your web site is actually search engine friendly before you make your submission. There are many reasons why your website may not rank highly on a search engine, or why it might not even be included at all in the search engine’s database. One thing that will make your site search engine friendly is to make sure that all of your pages have appropriate and descriptive titles. Also, you should have good copy that is written for people and not just for search engines. Another crucial thing is to make sure that the search engine can access all of the pages. For example, do not use Flash or JavaScript as the only way to navigate between the pages of the website.

Another common mistake is not having effective links to your site from other websites before submitting. Search engines make significant use of links between websites to evaluate the quality of the content of the site. A crucial component of any search engine optimization strategy is to obtain a wide range of links from strategically selected websites.

To obtain links from other web sties you should implement a system that would involve the following:

? Locating other relevant web sites and assessing their suitability to obtain links to your site.

? Contacting the owners of those sites and offer to exchange links with them. You should already have added the link to their web site first, and draw their attention to this.

? Follow up with the other sites after a couple of weeks if you have not heard back from the site owner.

? Drop their site from your links page if you do not hear back from them.

You also must make sure to choose the correct keywords to optimize your site with. If you initially choose the wrong keywords, all the time and effort that you spent to get a high search engine ranking will be wasted. Be careful not to choose keywords that no one searches for, or keywords that do not bring in targeted traffic to your site. Only after you have identified the particular keywords that are suitable for optimizing the pages on your site should you then start to fine-tune your web pages to rank highly using those keywords.

Remember no to put too many keywords in the Meta Keywords tag either. There are sites that have hundreds of keywords listed in the Meta Keywords tag, in the hope that by listing the keywords this way, they will get a high ranking for those keywords. However, that is not the way things work; the Meta Keywords tag has almost completely lost its importance as far as search engine positioning is concerned. To get a high ranking for any keywords, you actually need to put them in the body content of your site.

Some people make the mistake of creating pages that only contain graphics. This is a problem because search engines only understand text. They cannot decipher images, so if your site contains lots of graphics but little text, it is unlikely to get a very high ranking in the search engines. For improving your rankings, you need to replace the graphics with keyword rich text for the search engine spiders to determine what your site contains.

And finally, in order to save time, many people will use automatic submission software or services to submit their sites to the major search engines. Submitting your site manually to the search engines can take a lot of time, and automatic submission tools can certainly help you save some of that time. However, most of the search engines do not like automatic submission tools, and they may even ignore some of your pages if you use them. Being listed on the major search engines is just too important for your site to not spend the necessary time submitting it manually.

David Beart

Web 2.0 Tools and Making Money Online

February 9th, 2013 19 comments

There are a lot of different social networking sites that people are using to make money. If you find the right site and establish yourself you can take advantage of this. How do you capitalize to maximize your investment of time so you achieve maximum results? Choose the right site and get the right results. Here are three helpful tips:

1. Choose the site with the right demographic. Use a site that matches your target audience’s usage. You might need to dabble and play with a few to find the right site but a bit of research will help you find the right social networking site.

2. Find the right people to network with. Twitter is useless unless
you have the right followers. MySpace only helps you if you interact with people. FaceBook is only good if you maximize it, etc.

3. Learn how to make money with each site.

Finding The Right Demographic

You might need to dabble and play with a few to find the right site but a bit of research will help you find the right site. There are sites that are targeted to music or movie lovers. There are sites that offer micro blogging that you can find a lot of people on. And there are sites that you can mine for information about users so that you find out if that site has people who are potential customers for you.

Find the Right People

If you’re selling memberships to a mp3 download site you want to be using a social networking site that has a lot of music lovers. There are a lot of them such as: Buzznet, Capazoo, imeem, and others. If you are into books, look at sites like: Shelfari, LibraryThing and Anobil. Mine the site for that information so you know you’re in the right place but then target those people. Interact with people and you might make some sales. If you look like you’re trying to sell you might not sell but if you network in the right way people may visit your links and buy something from you.

Learn How To Make Money From Social Sites

How do you make money with social sites? Here are some examples. On a question and answer site like Yahoo Answers, answer questions and put your sales site as a reference. Do this when the question actually requires that type of answer and do provide value or you’ll be banned. On something like Twitter, add your URL to your site and look for people through a tool like Twitter Search to find people that talk about your subject. On FaceBook you can advertise and create a fan wall or group. On forums put your signature on all posts with links to your site and establish yourself as a helpful expert. On other tools like FriendFinder you can literally find online friends that you can utilize as clients or people who will help you promote your sites.

Social media continues to explode in terms of potential and volume. The web is all about interaction. Learn how to interact with people interested in what you’re selling and you can unleash social marketing tools to their full potential.

Matthew Bredel

Erase Internet History and Internet History Eraser Tools

February 9th, 2013 3 comments

In this modern world of technology, practically everyone is a computer for some reason or the other. Computers are today used not only for education and research; it is also a great means of communication. It is now possible to reach people across the world within a matter of minutes with electronic mail, online chat and web conferencing. However, much advantageous the internet is to a person; it has its share of disadvantages too.

The main disadvantage that the internet poses to the computer is the recording of unwanted pictures, images, websites and URLs in hidden files in the computer. It is highly probable for a visitor of a porn site to have illicit pictures getting recorded in the computer, which proves to be troublesome if it falls in the hands of children and wrong people.

The best thing that has to be done to prevent all this is to have an internet eraser software installed in the computer. With the installation of the right internet eraser software, the computer can be scanned for unwanted files which are then removed. The files can be deleted manually or the user can set options for deleting these unwanted files automatically by the internet eraser software. Besides this, your sensitive information stored in the computer such as passwords, bank account number, and social security number are also protected by this internet eraser software.

This is because no unwanted matter gets recorded in the computer when there is internet eraser software in the computer. With the internet eraser software, you can opt to delete the internet history files one by one instead of deleting all the IE internet history files. This is because sometimes it is rather convenient to have the IE auto complete URLs in the browser. Here you just have to type the first or second letter in the URL instead of the whole name to visit the site.

With the presence of internet eraser software in the computer, it is possible to have the computer scanned for porn related tracks. Some porn addicts have a habit of visiting porn sties rather frequently. There is a possibility of unwanted pictures falling in the hands of wrong people. This can be prevented by the internet eraser software.

There are many different types of internet eraser software available in the internet. It is all up to you to choose the internet eraser software you would like to have installed in your computer. With the right internet eraser software installed in your PC, you are sure of the safety of your computer.

Sam Roberts

If I start LLC can it aquire tools I own already?

February 7th, 2013 2 comments

I have been doing audio equipment design/repair/build work for about 10 years as a hobby, and recently have been getting more work through acquaintanceship. I was thinking to start a simple LLC to isolate myself from any possible complications with the work I do for people outside myself and close connections. I have many electronics tools and measuring equipment that I really only use for this work and I was wondering how it works for a new LLC to purchase this equipment from me. The LLC would have some, but little, profit as a lot of the work is just for the enjoyment of the work, and the LLC is more meant as an insurance. (ie if someone misused equipment and it caused damage etc leading to suit, I don’t want to lose my shirt, but a soldering iron and oscilliscope would be OK). I also feel it appropriate to account for what little income it generates in a more formal manner than just adding it as other income on my taxes.

Also I occasionally do Mathematical/Software consulting work and was wondering if I can include that work in the LLC as well, or if it would need to be a separate entity because the nature of that business is different?

I have some books in the mail regarding starting and operating an LLC, but before I initiate it I was hoping to get an idea of the above two concerns or if there are any complications I would need to watch out for in the given scenarios.

I do not have any kind of insurance. This is not my full time job, which is an analytically consultant for a large corp. Basically it started strictly as a hobby 10 years ago collecting and refurbishing vintage equipment. It has grown to the point where I occasionally buy, sell, and bill for the work, and also the nature of the electronics are considered by some to be dangerous. IE vacuum tubes, high voltages, etc. Mostly musical amplifiers, hifi, and antique speaker refurbishing. Occasionally vintage computing equipment. Things that could be dangerous or expensive if a moron did something stupid. Not that my clients are morons, but I can’t speak for everyone that comes into contact with gear I work on or sell, or if they left it on when they went on vacation etc. Also since I only use tools like an oscilloscope (for example) for this work, it would be nice to write those tools (which can be $$$) off as part of the business since I claim the income from any sales. General

Yes, your LLC can acquire your tools. Simplest way is for you to contribute them to the LLC as a capital contribution. To solidify your liability-firewall objective, execute whatever documentation is necessary to ensure that the LLC is recognized under appropriate law as the legal owner of the assets. An attorney practicing in your particular state would be the best source for determining the requisite documentation.

I’ve never encountered any state LLC statutes which mandated that an LLC can only conduct a single line of business or activity. Just to be sure, though, go to the website for your state’s Secretary of State and peruse the LLC FAQs you’ll surely find there. I’d be surprised, though, if any state had such a single-purpose kind of restriction in place. (Note that this doesn’t consider such restrictions as implemented by certain licensing authorities, such as the restrictions that law firms can (generally) only practice law, etc. It doesn’t sound from your post that this would be relevant in your case.)

Beyond that, though, many multi-business organizations do indeed wrap separate LLCs around their individual activities, for the purpose of insulating each set of assets from potential claims and liabilities of the other activities. With each separate LLC giving rise to a fresh set of costs (annual state fees, etc.), whether or not you’d wanna go this multi-LLC route depends on the nature of your two different activities, the likelihood of legal claims against either one, and the aggregate value of the assets employed in each activity.

All that gobbledygook aside, I doubt that a consulting activity would call for a second LLC.

As a side note, kudos for thinking through the "what might go wrong" scenarios and anticipating steps you might take to cut ’em off at the pass. And I’ll reiterate the advice for a brief pow-wow with an attorney. Liabilities and legal claims are generally critters dealt with at state law level, and so an attorney familiar with such matters in your state will have the best advice on what kinds of firewalls work and which don’t in your particular state and circumstance set.

What are good jobs for inquisitive people?

December 27th, 2012 1 comment

I am inquisitive and it makes it difficult for me to select a major/career. I am very interested in history, law, all types of science, math, english, and any other subject you eventually study in high school.

Since I am naturally curious, I like to find as many facts, solutions to issues, problems, as much as I can. Usually, this tends to be about either history or science.

I would like a career that somehow involves this. (research on many topics, finding solutions to issues, and applying them and possibly new theories)

What are some possible careers I should consider?

just a thought try bloging

1.Signup to be a Contributor
Where your voice joins the world’s conversations. The Yahoo! Contributor Network allows writers, photographers, and videographers to share their knowledge and passion …

2.A blog, which combines the words "web" and "log," is a public online forum in which one or more bloggers (writers) maintains a regular schedule of writings designed to bring visitors to the blog. It’s possible to make a living as a professional blogger by attracting enough visitors to the and generating income, typically through visitors’ clicking on advertisements. The key to becoming a blogger on a professional level is the ability to write and entertain, as well as maintain as many blogs as you can manage.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Write down several ideas for topics that you feel might attract visitors. There’s no right or wrong subject to cover on a blog, but certain topics are more popular than others. This can vary all the time, so it is important to be aware of the blogs that seem most successful. A blog that gets no visitors will not generate any income. Select a subject you’ll enjoy writing about regularly. Just talking about yourself day after day is not likely to make your blog professional, unless you can put an entertaining spin on your presentation. Sports, music, how to earn money from home and health are examples of subjects you can cover.

Sign up for a blog account. There are a lot of blog hosting websites to choose from (see Resources). These services offer built-in tools to let you compose your blog, upload images and subscribe to RSS feeds. The RSS feeds are necessary because these are like news feeds. They notify people of your new blog posts and can bring in visitors.

Sign up for a "pay-per-click" account by visiting a site such as Google Adsense (see Resources). This is the primary source of income for bloggers. The service places random ads on your blog as closely related to your blog’s subject matter as possible. These systems are easy to set up and generate income for you each time your visitors click on the ads (particularly if a purchase results from a click that originates from your blog). The pay-per-click service calculates your generated income and sends you money your blog has earned.

Write your blog. Blogs are typically entries in reverse chronological order, with previous months’ posts archived for visitors to read if they desire. Your blog should include news and commentary related to the subject of your blog. Personal views are welcome. Inject your personality into your posts to develop a following. Give visitors a reason to come to your blog for the information rather than a similar blog.

Respond to posts your visitors leave on your blog. A good blog is interactive. You won’t be able to respond to every post, but engage as many of the posters on your blog as you can. The more interaction you generate, the more active your blog will be

Read more: How to Become a Professional Blogger |

How can I make money with Twitter?

December 15th, 2012 3 comments

I just joined Twitter about two weeks ago and I have yet to see where I can make money with it. Am I not seeing something? I put my blog posts on my feed and I have about 1,000 friends so far. but I have not seen any extra income from being on Twitter. Have do you make money with Twitter?

I subscribe to Matt Bacak’s Internet Marketing Dirt newsletter and he had an article in it a little while back about how you can make money with Twitter. He basically said it was not as effective for generating income as people think it is. People are gung-ho about social media now and they get caught up in the thrill of meeting other people and connecting. But what you don’t realize is that most of the people on Twitter are just like you and are trying to make money, so they are not going to make you any money because most of them are broke!

I recommend that you can stay on Twitter if you want just to make friends and connections with people, but don’t use it as a marketing tool. If you want to make money with Twitter, then come up with a product that people will buy about making money with Twitter as that is the only way you will do it.

I have found that article marketing is the best way to make money off of blogs and websites. I outsource all my writing and then submit an article to the directories about every 2-3 days. After about a month of this, you will start seeing a substantial increase of traffic to your site. Also, finding forums to post to on your niche is a great way to market your site as well. If you want to learn more about Matt Bacak’s newsletter, check out and good luck!

What are some legitimate ways I can make money off the net?

December 9th, 2012 3 comments

I have heard of "e-blooger" but dont quite understand how one would generate an income writting.What topics would attract the most people? I have heard the same about youtube and it has something to do with getting hits and advertising but again what subjects would attract people? tutorial or photo montages seem like the easiest bet however would that attract enough people?
Last but not least I I know ebay is an option-are their any other alternative sites similar to eBay?
Any other ways…

you can generate money from writing by joining sites like Elance, it is the largest outsourcing site where providers – like you- meet people who need your services.
They have many categories, o.a. blogs, articles and ebook writing.

You can also write articles and publish it on squidoo and put ads on it,
or publish a blog about something that people will like, and if you have a lot of visitors then companies will put ads on your blog.

But to do this you must be really good in writing and publish often ( a few times a day) because "fresh quality content" is what counts.

Another way is to promote products and services from other companies and earn a commission on every sale. You don’t have to handle the products, that will be taken care by the company but you need to promote it. To do this you need to learn the ins and outs first, all the basic tools that make internet marketing work.

If you are interested in learning this for free and see if this is something for you, just visit:

after studying the ebook, and videos, you can decide if this is really what you want to do to earn money from home

Hope this helps


What are the best selling items to sell from your own website?

November 25th, 2012 3 comments

I hear that if I can build a website that I can make money doing so. I have NO idea what it is that I should sell that I would have in my house! I don’t have inventory nor do I know HOW to start something like that. I figure if I could build a website and charge 9.99 per person a month or whatever it may be that it could bring in some great income from home! Anybody have any suggestions or some knowledge in this area?


You have a number of questions rolled into one.

First to make an income you would need a hosted site. You need a web host.
They supply all the tools you need, unlimited space, emails, and the best apps to create the site, forum, blogs.
The search engines will find you for whatever your website is about.

Next you put things on your website to generate cash. You can start with Google Adsense. You get little ads to put on your site, if anyone clicks you get a commission.

You can also check out, and
These all involve ads and getting money if someone clicks them.

Then you mentioned membership. If your website has something people are willing to pay for, great, that will work. You just set up user names and logins for those that pay.

But first you need a web host. Its cheap. Only about 40.00

Good Luck