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How do I clear my internet cache to get rid of an error message?

June 4th, 2013 2 comments

Lately I have been trying to go to a forum, but I constantly get an error message that says, "You are not allowed to visit this forum." What’s worse is that no matter where I click on the site, I still get stuck on that page. After this I emailed the administrator of that site, and he told me that in order to fix it, all I have to do is clear my internet cache (cookies) through my browser tools. Where do I go to do this?

Go to the browser’s settings or options .. Head to the "Privacy" tab, then click clear history/cache/cookies .. If you’re using Mozilla just click Clear All Privacy Data … Hope this helps but you didnt specify your browser !

Why Your Computer is Slow

February 18th, 2013 7 comments

After considerable usage, your computer shows signs of slowing down. This generally makes you wonder why your computer is slow. There are many reasons for your computer slowing down.

1. Overload due to start-up programs: When you add more programs to start up, they consume more time when you start your computer. This is one of the reasons why your computer is slow. You must delete those programs from start-up that you do not require there. This will effectively speed up your computer at start and save lot of your time. Care must be taken not to remove Firewall, Anti-spyware or Anti-virus programs.

2. Temporary internet files: Temporary internet files are one of the major reasons why your computer is slow. These files occupy more space as compared to any other application as the browser caches every page that is visited for fast access later. Removing these files can go a long way in speeding up your computer. Most browsers make it easy to delete these files. Just go to your settings and options and delete. You can also configure your browser to delete them everytime your browser is closed. Regularly deleting temporary internet files and cookies can do wonders for PC speed on the internet.

3. Spyware: There is every possibility that malicious programs and spyware get embedded in your computer. This is one of the reasons why your computer is slow. As these softwares are installed without you knowing about them, you are totally unaware as to the reason for your computer being slow. The various sources that can land with spyware are music downloads, video downloads, malicious emails etc. You must scan for such malicious spyware quite often and remove them so as to speed up performance of your computer and to prevent damage to your computer. You must keep your anti-virus software updated.

4. Development of bad sectors in hard disk: You will realize why your computer is slow if you try to detect and repair disk errors. After heavy usage of hard drive, it develops bad sectors that in turn slow down the performance of hard disk. This can cause delay and stoppage of even minor applications like saving a file. Detecting and repairing disk errors can prevent this and can be done by running Error Checking utility. This can scan the hard drive and locate bad sectors. File system errors can be identified so as to ascertain whether files or folders are misplaced or not. Error checking must be done at least once a week in case you use your computer every day in order to prevent data loss.

5: Badly fragmented hard drive: Another reason why your computer is slow is disk fragmentation. It results in search by the computer of the hard disk for fragmented files so as to patch them up. This can take a considerably long time, thus slowing down your computer. Remedy for this is disk de-fragmentation which increases processing speed of hard disk. All windows has a built in defragmenter under System Tools. Just select this program and run it every so often, bi-monthly is probably the best frequency.

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How to start up a photo business from home?

January 24th, 2013 5 comments

I went to school for photography about 1 year ago for 2 years. I live in Minnesota where there is winter hafe the year or better. I would like to start a business but have no idea how because I really can’t take them to my house (in part it really isn’t my home) for photos. I don’t have the options to take out more loan money. I only have 1 flash that goes with my camera. I have 5 lenses and 2 camera that are DSLR’s. If there are any ideas or good books on this idea I would be most appresciative for such. Thank you.
I am not looking for finical advice, but rather I am looking for a route in which to get in to photography. I want options in different niches to photograph in which I can photograph for a client.

First, get a real job that generates income which you pay taxes on. You are in no way ready to go into business as a photographer and it be your primary source of income without knowledge in business tools and consumer-level equipment, no one will hire you so having a route in which to get into photography won’t do you any good. There’s no such thing as a route to get into anything without ambition and a load of excuses for why you can’t do the work. No bank will give you a loan. And short of winning the lottery, life just doesn’t work that way. Next, start with thinking of yourself as an amateur hobbyist and use the income from your day-job to fund what you’d like to become a business because you’re too inept to put in the work it takes to be successful without believing there’s some trick that only professional photographers know about. There’s no trick, just a lot of work. And you seem to be incapable of that, so you’ll get exactly what you’re putting into it until you lose this attitude of being entitled simply because you own a couple of DSLR’s and a few lenses. Fortunately for you and many other people who are perhaps handicapped by life and responsibility, you can earn income as a hobbyist and not need a business license or pay taxes on that income, but you have to have a primary, taxable source of income from a real job. As you earn money, you will be able to invest in better equipment and if you’re lucky, gain enough experience to figure out the rest on your own.

Information Regarding Internet Speed Test Tools

December 26th, 2011 No comments

For some people who use the Internet, speed is everything. For online competitive gamers, it can mean the difference between victory and defeat in close spit second calls. For business people, it means lightning fast uploads and downloads that don’t leave a person wasting their time sitting in front of a computer. For the Internet shopper, more speed means faster jaunts from site to site in search of the absolute best deals online.

More Options for Increased Speed

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Internet Tools Menu

November 7th, 2011 No comments

Most occasions operating on the net, Online explorer will show Scrip Error on the net. Online Explorer Script Errors comes quite often when there is situation with the programmer existing on the net. And Script errors is also the result of the computer system setting which stay clear of IE to carry out the script appropriately.

If there is no situation with the programmer on the net page, then u have to check net page any other use account, some other browser, and numerous computer system technique. With this you will come to know exactly where specifically the situation exists. If then there is no error with the plan when applying numerous browser, computer system or account then situation have to be with the settings of the computer system or files of the computer system. If this is the cause u have to have to click following process: Get started IE, In the Tools menu click Online Options then in the dialog box click Security Tab, Click Default Level and then Ok.

You even have to have to check no matter if IE has blocked Active X, Active Scripting. Delete the temporary Internet-associated files. The cause is quite often the size of files becomes exceptionally major that is why some display challenges exists whenever we open net page. To delete all the existing Temporary saved files-Get started Internet Explorer, On the Tools menu click Online Options then click the General Tab click Settings click Delete files and Ok, also click Delete Cookies and once again Ok, click Clear History Yes and Ok.

If you are confident that there is no situation with computer system technique and the browser you have to have to repair Script Engine for Explorer for the millennium edition, Windows 98 and its second edition. Script Engine can be updated as properly. Online Explorer script error appears when your plan does not display any video, Smooth Scrolling can be the cause of the script error.

To overcome from Smooth Scrolling when applying IE 6 follow the following methods: On the Tools menu, click Internet Options, then on the Advanced tab, click Use Smooth Scrolling check box, Click OK, and u can exit from browser. 1 way more resolution to Online Explorer Script errors is you can install recent software updates and service pack for Online Explorer 7 or Internet Explorer6. You can install Online 6 or 7.

Hardware Accelerations are use in IE to enhance the speed of the programmers. And if the Hardware Accelerations are set incorrectly this will also result in Script Errors. To overcome from this situation turn off Hardware Acceleration.

Pick Click the solution Get started, then in the Open box, variety desk.cpl and press Enter. Click Settings tab, and Advanced tab. Then click Troubleshoot tab, and shift the Hardware Acceleration slider to None. And lastly press OK two occasions. At occasions IE Script Errors are annoying. You can even hide this message. To get rid of these errors 1 should certainly follow the following methods:

Open IE, Go to Tools menu, click the Internet Option menu item, Open Advanced tab and then click Ok button on the box subsequent to the Display script. And then ok.

That is it. You are performed.