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How to Safeguard Against Internet Explorer Vulnerability – December 2008

February 21st, 2013 No comments

A big story in most media at present confrims that Microsoft is desparately seeking a solution to a new problem in all versions Internet Explorer. This ‘vulnerability’ could allow hackers to do various nasty things such as log for passwords, install programs without your knowledge etc. It is said that only about 0.2% of computers are affected at present but if you would like to take precautions, read on:

1.  Make sure your Internet Explorer Security Settings are High

(a) Click on Tools, then from the menu that appears click on Internet Options and then click the Security tab

(b) Now and set Internet security to ‘High’ by sliding the button on the security slider

2.  Restricted User Accounts on your computer

Your PC can be set to run at different levels of security, changing what the computer allows you to do. Many computers have been set up with an ‘Administrator’ account for installing new programs, making system changes etc. and ‘User’ accounts for day to day use. If you have only one account and you don’t have to choose a username when you start using your computer you probably have an ‘Adminstrator’ account. This is very convenient but more prone to hacker activity.

If you are using Vista you will have noticed that some important actions such as installing or running new programs require a prompt from you. This is a safety precaution which is applied even if you are running an administrator account. This precaution does not happen in XP.

If you only have an administrator account, it is recommend that you set up a separate user account with restricted rights for every day use. If you would like to take this precaution and are not familiar with setting up user accounts, you will need to take advice from your computer support technician.

3.  Change your Internet Browser

Internet Explorer is not the only web browser, there are alternatives. Installing and running a new web browser is very straight forward.

John Studd