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If I make a wordpress site, how will it be benefitial to my books I write for kindle?

July 28th, 2013 1 comment

I am planning to buy hosting and make a wordpress site. Nothing complicated in the beginning. But I was wondering if this will be of any benefit to few ebooks I have written for amazon kindle?
I know I can post the website in my amazon authors page and also post the books on wordpress.

But will it generate any form of income ? If so how does it happen, does it have to do with adsense? But I just have ebooks so how will it work?

A wordpress blog is a great way to advertise your kindle book. For the website write articles that target long tail keywords related to your book. Then at the end of each article link to your kindle book, or even include a amazon affiliate link. Use your blog as a marketing tool not as the source of income.

Search Engine Optimization Strategies ~ Keyword Density

March 5th, 2013 3 comments

Not content with your site’s page rank? Of course you want to be on the first twenty search results when somebody typed in the keyword you are targeting. However, you are apparently getting nowhere. Perhaps it’s time to do something about it.

— Keyword Density Misconceptions

One of the first things you should check is your page’s keyword density. Check your articles’ content. They say, to increase the traffic in your site, you need to maintain a keyword density of 2% – 12% in your articles. The higher the percentage, the better are your chances to be on top.

Since you think this is the best that you can do to increase the traffic in your site, you will keep in mind to maintain such a percentage. Hence, in writing your articles, you will aim to reach a certain percentage that you have set. This would not be a problem as long as it is well-written and organized. However it is more than likely that your articles will not make sense because of such great keyword density.

— Keyword Spamming

After packing your pages with keywords, you may not still be able to attain your page rank goals. Your articles may be keyword-packed but the search engines may just lump you up with the keyword spammers. This will not do at all.

The key here is to use other words related to your keyword. How will you do it then? Perhaps the dictionary will help you on this. Writing an article can be exhaustive, though, and it will be even more exhausting if you need to seek related words. There may be times when you run out of words and all you can do is to keep on repeating your keyword/s.

— The Wordtracker Solution

Should you want your site to be top ranking in search results try other means aside from maintaining a certain percentage in word density. Analyze your articles keyword content and variation using a wordtracker.

In case you don’t know, wordtracker is a tool that you can use to search for other words related to your keyword or keywords. Just click on the word universe and all the words related to your keyword or keywords will appear. Thus, you will not keep on repeating the same word or set of words over and over again until you finish your article.

Through the wordtracker, your article will appear very well-written and informative without much difficulty on your part. You can now write as many articles as you want, each packed with relevant keywords that would boost your site ranking, without sacrificing the quality of the information you are conveying to your target market or readers. In short, your pages are keyword-rich even while they makes sense to your target readers.

You may wonder how you can be on top of the search engine results pages if your keyword is not mentioned in your article a lot of times. The fact is, search engines can now group keywords and keyword variations. As long as you have a lot of your keyword variants in the article, that article will still be considered keyword dense and thus relevant. This can lead to increased page rank.

There is a bonus, too, to using word tracker. Once your target consumers reach your site, they will find your content and articles informative and easy to read since it is not filled with a recurring keyword or keyword phrases. Your readers will then find your articles worth reading because you don’t sound so redundant, and they may be induced to bookmark your page, refer you to others or better yet, buy your products or avail of your services.

David Bain is a New PPC Search Engine

February 9th, 2013 No comments

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Once you have opened an account, you also have access to their “Top 100 Terms” tool which shows the 100 most popular search terms on their network.

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Lifetime Website Traffic With Top Search Engine Ranking – Way to Go

May 28th, 2012 2 comments

Do you want to rank high on top search engines for your main keywords? Do you want your website to be found right on the top when someone searches for a solution to their problem in your niche?

If your answer is YES, then pull up your sleeves, hook off your phone, lock your doors and sit down in a comfortable chair while you read this article.

In this article I will reveal you the exact system that hundreds of website owners including me use to rank their website right on the top of the search engines.

Are you ready, here you go…

The most important tool that you will ever need to rank your website right on the top of the search engines is quality theme based content.

If you have been on the net for a while, I bet you might have heard several times that ‘Content is the King’.

That’s absolutely true. According to me, content is the only king alive on the planet that can get you truckloads of traffic to your website and make you rich beyond your wildest dreams.

Therefore make sure that you focus your efforts on creating content.

There are 2 types of content…

1. Unique Content.
2. Duplicate Content.

While you might be thinking that you can easily get someone else’s article and paste them on your website.

You can do this if you give credit to the author but creating your own unique content is what the top search engines really want. So make sure that you focus on creating unique content for your website.

Also make sure that you include your main keywords in your content and spread them on your entire website.

Here are some places where you should include your keywords on your website…

1. Title.
2. Meta Description.
3. Meta Keywords.
4. H1, H2 and other header tags.
4. Image Alt Tags.
5. Top and bottom portion of your content.

Donot use your keywords repeatedly on your webpage, this might get you banned by search engines for keyword spamming. Spread your keywords sparingly. This will make your content readable and also search engines will love your content.

The next step to get high ranking for your keywords include getting quality incoming links to your site. You can achieve this rapidly by writing quality articles in your niche and submitting them to article directories.

Articles are viral marketing tools and will spread on multiple websites and blogs instantly. Your link to your website in the resource box will help you to get high search engine ranking and also traffic to your website through these sites and blogs that place your articles.

Another important tactic you should use is to include your keyword in the anchor text in your article resource box that links to your website. The keyword you include out there will be the one that search engines will use to give you top ranking for your website.

Use the above blueprint religiously and see your website traffic explode in few short months. You can thank me later.

Murtuza Abbas

You Can Multiply Your Income in Internet Marketing

May 20th, 2012 5 comments

To be able to dominate the field of internet marketing you need to be able to boost your sales by reaching to more consumers. The larger your market is means that it will multiply the income that you are getting to do this here are some tips.

You should only offer products that of good quality and value. If you want to succeed in gaining more income, you must offer your potential customers something that you have personally looked into, not necessarily bought them but products where in you have looked for features and have generated some good reviews. For more information visit to will not spend their hard earned money on something that has no use for them or something that will not be significant in making difference to their lives. Choose products that are useful and attracts customers.

Once you have the right products where should you advertise for them? You need to get your own website. If you know how to build one the better but if not hire a professional to do it for you. You do not need a very high tech website but make sure that the one you have is a website that customers would love to drop by occasionally. Make it search engine-friendly by using keywords on your domain name and of course the inside details. Make it also highly informative in a way that even if your consumers does not have plans of buying they will be enticed to buy because of your descriptions and articles. This is your main store so the more comfortable you and your consumers are in this the better.

Next is to build personal connection not only to your frequent buyers but also to potential clients. You have to earn their trust by only saying true things about the product, avoid hype advertisement. Do not have a goal of having only one sale but reach for a goal where you can entice consumers to buy more and visit you more. Answer email inquiries, post on forums do everything to interact with them.

Next is to hire affiliates. Thee process of learning internet marketing ‘s in and out and using all the effective tools can mean a whole lot of work. If you can to share a slice of your income, opt to hire reliable and competent affiliates. They are the ones who can help you in advertising your products and services over the internet. Since there are a lot of you working, the faster it is for your business to gain popularity.

You should also determine the effectiveness of all the tools and resources that you are using in advertising your products and services. Look out on where most of your traffic are coming. For more info login to With this you can focus on those that are really effective and beneficial to generating income for you. In this way you can stop wasting your time on those that are not really doing anything for you, and instead focus on ones that are beneficial or you can look for something else that can be for your own good.

It is also important that you are on constant learning process of new advertising ways, try signing up with a good program that can update you on the newest ideas in this business. With all these behind you income will surely multiply for you in no time.

Manbeer Singh

Information Regarding Search Engine Ranking Checker

December 18th, 2011 No comments

Search engine ranking checkers can play a vital role in a company or individual’s efforts to get their website ranked high in the search engine results for their targeted keywords. These online services and software help to save enormous amounts of time from manually inputting a keyword into a search box and then trying to find your website in the results. Ranking checkers will do the checking for you and provide you with results so that you can quickly discover where your website ranks for various keywords.

This not only saves you a lot of time but is very vital information to have. The search engine ranking checker will help to identify where you rank on multiple keywords, help you monitor your progress and track your trends, and also help you to monitor how your competitors are ranking for those same keywords. The ranking checkers basically help to make keyword tracking more efficient. It can help you to know where you should focus your efforts as you begin to climb your way up the search engine results for various keywords.

For more information on search engine ranking checker click here