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How do you put the latest flash player on a psp version 4.05?

April 10th, 2013 3 comments

I have a psp slim so i can`t go to settings-enable flash player and getting it by the internet browser (tools-settings-view settings-flash&javascript on) only gets me flash player 6.If you can`t help me with this, then please tell me how to get PSPtube on my psp version 4.05.

1. You can not use the PSP browser or the PSP Flash Player to watch youtube videos online.

2. If you want to get into homebrew/CFW you can try PSPTube.

3. You can convert Youtube Videos to MP4s using sites like with your PSP or PC. Or you can get PC software converters.

4. The Flash Player for the PSP is fairly limited. If you want some Flash games try

5. For direct video downloads to your PSP check out

How do i uninstall the east language pack on the control panel?

March 29th, 2013 1 comment

I can’t uncheck the "Install files from East languages" and i am stuck. I tried looking in the Add/remove files and it is not there.
I looked in the internet browser( tools, internet options, language) and it is not there. Any solutions??

My only problem with the language pack is that it changed some of the words (during a test) into chinese. (also my name on a game)
I AM the admin of the computer, it is a home computer.

may be you are not an administrator user. try login with an administrator user name.

Erase Internet History and Internet History Eraser Tools

February 9th, 2013 3 comments

In this modern world of technology, practically everyone is a computer for some reason or the other. Computers are today used not only for education and research; it is also a great means of communication. It is now possible to reach people across the world within a matter of minutes with electronic mail, online chat and web conferencing. However, much advantageous the internet is to a person; it has its share of disadvantages too.

The main disadvantage that the internet poses to the computer is the recording of unwanted pictures, images, websites and URLs in hidden files in the computer. It is highly probable for a visitor of a porn site to have illicit pictures getting recorded in the computer, which proves to be troublesome if it falls in the hands of children and wrong people.

The best thing that has to be done to prevent all this is to have an internet eraser software installed in the computer. With the installation of the right internet eraser software, the computer can be scanned for unwanted files which are then removed. The files can be deleted manually or the user can set options for deleting these unwanted files automatically by the internet eraser software. Besides this, your sensitive information stored in the computer such as passwords, bank account number, and social security number are also protected by this internet eraser software.

This is because no unwanted matter gets recorded in the computer when there is internet eraser software in the computer. With the internet eraser software, you can opt to delete the internet history files one by one instead of deleting all the IE internet history files. This is because sometimes it is rather convenient to have the IE auto complete URLs in the browser. Here you just have to type the first or second letter in the URL instead of the whole name to visit the site.

With the presence of internet eraser software in the computer, it is possible to have the computer scanned for porn related tracks. Some porn addicts have a habit of visiting porn sties rather frequently. There is a possibility of unwanted pictures falling in the hands of wrong people. This can be prevented by the internet eraser software.

There are many different types of internet eraser software available in the internet. It is all up to you to choose the internet eraser software you would like to have installed in your computer. With the right internet eraser software installed in your PC, you are sure of the safety of your computer.

Sam Roberts

Delete Internet History and Clear Internet History Tools

October 21st, 2012 No comments

The computer is a very useful and handy piece of equipment in the house and office. In fact, with the advent of the internet, there is practically little need of time being spent in research and reading. This is because all and any information that is required for anyone is easily accessible from the internet. All that has to be done is to do some surfing where practically any type of information can be found out.

However, with the surfing of the internet, there is a great chance of all the surfing history getting recorded in secret hidden files in the computer. This proves to be rather dangerous as sometimes unwanted pictures and images can be recorded in the PC that proves to be dangerous to you. The best thing to do to avoid all this happening is with the installation of internet eraser software in the computer.

With the installation of the internet eraser software, it is possible to protect your log file, business and family details and privacy. This is because the internet eraser software is designed so as to help computer users to remove and erase all the surfing tracks from the computer. This is why the internet eraser software is considered to be the ultimate privacy tool for computer users.

With the help of the internet eraser software, you can get your browser history cleared, internet web address erased, porn files erased and internet search history erased with it. With internet eraser software installed in the computer, you can surf the internet without any fear of getting unwanted matter being recorded in the computer.

Besides this, another reason for the need of installing internet eraser software is that the computer may run slow and start hanging with the browsers being full. With the presence of the internet eraser software in the computer, the browser gets emptied as it is full, wherein the speed of the computer is not affected.

The internet is full of different types of internet eraser software. Make sure to download ones with as many security options as possible, like built in file shredder, and ones that support all major browsers like Yahoo/MSN/Goggle, also make sure it has an option to scan your PC for pornographic files as many of these files get downloaded in to the user’s PC without their knowledge. So if you want the ultimate in safety and privacy while using the computer and internet, it is important that you have a copy of internet eraser software installed in the computer.

Sam Roberts

Information Regarding Internet Radio Tools

December 27th, 2011 No comments

With podcasting and internet radio programming exploding, a lot of folks are looking for tools that would let them record streaming audio. Here are four tools that will do just that without you having to take AV class first.

Replay Radio

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Information Regarding Internet Speed Test Tools

December 26th, 2011 No comments

For some people who use the Internet, speed is everything. For online competitive gamers, it can mean the difference between victory and defeat in close spit second calls. For business people, it means lightning fast uploads and downloads that don’t leave a person wasting their time sitting in front of a computer. For the Internet shopper, more speed means faster jaunts from site to site in search of the absolute best deals online.

More Options for Increased Speed

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Information Regarding Internet Explorer Tools

December 25th, 2011 No comments

Changing Internet Explorer Tools in Registry Editor is a complex, advanced task that requires a deep familiarity with Windows and Internet Explorer as well as the necessary information about which exact tool or process files to change and what codes to use.

However, changing the tools is sometimes the only way to repair complicated issues that cannot be easily resolved using more basic procedures. For example, sometimes there are problems with unprompted homepage changes in Internet Explorer that aren’t solved by resetting the page in Internet Options. Deleting specific key values inside the Registry Editor can solve this problem.

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Information Regarding Cox Internet Tools

December 23rd, 2011 No comments

If you live in one of the major cites like Phoenix or Las Vegas served by Cox cable, you are probably familiar with their cable, internet and telephone services. But high cable prices exist at Cox just like any other cable television company. What are your alternatives? Have you checked into satellite TV services like Direct TV and Dish Network?

Comparing Cox with Dish Network

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Information Regarding Internet Tools Menu

December 22nd, 2011 No comments

Many times working on the net, Internet explorer will show Scrip Error on the web. Internet Explorer Script Errors comes sometimes when there is problem with the programmer existing on the web. And Script errors is also the result of the computer setting which avoid ‘IE’ to perform the script properly.

If there is no problem with the programmer on the web page, then u have to check web page any other use account, some other browser, and different computer system. With this you will come to know where exactly the problem exists. If then there is no error with the program while using different browser, computer or account then problem must be with the settings of the computer or files of the computer. If this is the reason u need to click following procedure: Start IE, In the ‘Tools’ menu click’ Internet Options’ then in the dialog box click ‘Security’ Tab, Click ‘Default Level and then Ok.

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Information Regarding Internet Tools

December 20th, 2011 No comments

Internet marketing education is the best way to learn about the ins and outs of the online marketing industry. A newcomer in this field may be intimidated by the merging of marketing and a computer to promote or sell different items. If you are well-educated in this field, you may find it as easy as pie. There are several methods of attaining an Internet marketing education. There are books. There are mentors. Then there are also educational tools. It is best to use a combination of all three.

Education by Books:

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