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How do I open up yahoo im after downloading?

April 12th, 2013 1 comment

After downloading, I got the yahoo browser, & tool bar, but no IM Icon. I have rebooted several times to no avail. The messenger icon button on the top tool bar only takes me back to the orignal download page, &nit does not look quite right. Please help!

·You might have a corrupt file in your Yahoo! Messenger directory.

To fix the problem, you must manually delete the "Messenger" directory on your C: drive (default), then reinstall the Yahoo! Messenger application.

All archives will be deleted if they are not copied. If you have a Flash drive copy it. If none, copy them like this:

CLOSE Yahoo! Messenger (if it is currently running).

Go to your Desktop and double-click "My Computer."

Select the "C:" drive.

Go to: C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\Profiles

Your "Profiles" folder contains your complete Message Archive. Copy it to the a different folder on your computer and RENAME IT AND save..

Now you can DELETE the Yahoo Messenger by deleting the directory:

CLOSE the Yahoo! Messenger application if you currently have it running. Make sure all instances of Internet Explorer are CLOSED.

Go to your desktop and double-click "My Computer."

Click the "C:" drive.

Go to C:\Program Files\Yahoo!

Highlight the Yahoo! Messenger folder and press the Delete key on your keyboard.

DEFRAG your computer files to remove those empty spaces resulting from the deletion.


CLOSE all running applications EXCEPT for your Internet browser.

DISABLE YOUR ANTI VIRUS/ANTI SPY PROGRAM/S. Most times they interfere in the downloading/installation process.

Click the link below to download Yahoo Messenger…

Click the "Download Now" button.

Double-click the Yahoo Messenger executable once the download completes to begin the installation process.


Go to your Desktop and double-click "My Computer."

Select the "C:" drive.

Go to: C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\Profiles

Drag/drop the copy of your Message Archive to the NEW Yahoo Messenger folder\Yahoo\Messenger\Profiles.


How can I refit my browsing window contents and stop scrolling sidewards?

April 1st, 2013 2 comments

I must have unknowingly configured my window to big letters that I have to scroll sidewards to see or read all contents. This happens only upon browsing I tried through control panel but nothing happens. Text in Browser tools are all displayed and seen without scrolling the window! I have a viao 15 cm screen. Thank you for your help.

If you’re using internet explorer click the view tab and go to text size.

Installing Active X

March 2nd, 2013 4 comments

Few Internet technologies have caused as much stir and excitement as Active X. Developed by Microsoft, it has become responsible for refining and improving a wide range of applications, both for personal computers and the Internet.

Introducing Active X

Most people think of Active X as some sort of Internet technology, and that is partly true. In fact, Active X consists of several object oriented utilities that are not just aimed at improving elements on the Web (such as message boards, and web applets), but they can also help various other processes in a computer run more smoothly.

How to Install Active X

With all the possibilities that abound with Active X, a lot of users want to make sure that they have the component in their systems, and often ask how and where to download the program.

However, for the most part, PC users do not even have to do anything. If their PC comes bundled with Internet Explorer, or they have downloaded it, then they already have Active X on their computer, as the web browser installs it automatically.

If you do not have Internet Explorer on your system, there is another way to determine if you have the components installed. You can just open Windows Explorer and do a search for files ending in .ocx (Object Linking and Embedding Object). It is a part of Active X, so having this file means you have it on your PC.


Active X is a complex piece and consists of several parts but one of the most important is the COM, or component object model. It performs various tasks but it is manly used to help write software to function properly within Active X controls. There are also several components that ensure the stability and functionality of the programs.

Configuring and Upgrading Active X

Most of the time Active X components work seamlessly with the Net, but if you want to fine tune it, you can make some modifications through Internet Explorer. Go to the Tools menu, click the “security” option and you will be presented with the Internet Zone dialog box.

To make changes, use your mouse to adjust the slider, or you can click the Custom Level tab and make manual adjustments. When you are done, click OK.

The procedure for upgrading and updating Active X on your computer is no different from other software. You can just go to Microsoft’s web site and download the latest version. If you have the auto update on, Windows will perform the update for you.

Installing Active X with Firefox

Current versions of the Firefox browser do not have native support for Active X controls. However, you can use some third party applications, such as Mozilla Active X, to enable Firefox to recognize Active X.

Active X and Macintosh Systems

Most Mac users do not need Active X controls but in can be present in their operating systems too. The reason is that some web applications, such as video conferencing, avail of Active X components to function properly. The same can also be said of Unix, particularly if some Internet related software is installed on the system.

Peter Garant

Antispyware Software Can Kill That Spy!

February 12th, 2013 3 comments

The one way to get a severe headache is to have your computer infested with spyware and adware. But if you understand what spyware means and take the necessary steps to detect, remove and prevent it you can be free from this headache before it turns chronic.

Spyware can imply many things – it could be browser parasites, data miners, malware, adware, software you didn’t ask for, homepage hijackers, Trojan horses, dialers etc. These thieves usually hit Microsoft Windows applications and Internet Explorer, since most people use them, leading to a system crash or some really strange behavior.

But how did spyware get into your system in the first place? If you visited a website or looked at an html email message or if you clicked a pop up window, you are ‘it’. Your action would have automatically triggered off the download and installation of the spyware into your computer without your knowledge. Something you clicked would have been conveyed as ‘I do’ to the spyware vendor. After all, it cheats. This way of misleading you into getting that tracking software called spyware installed in your computer is referred to as a drive-by download. It is one of the commonest ways of tricking pc users to accept spyware if they do not have real-time antispyware protection installed.

Arresting The Damage With Antispyware

That spyware which sneaked into your computer can alter your browser and security settings. Some adware vendors just collect your browsing information so that they can bombard you with their product ads.

Adware spyware usually tracks your Internet browsing actions in the machine where they install themselves. They then have a way of conveying the information they collect back to the people who installed the adware so they can use it for commercial gain. They use it themselves, or sell it to others. These people in turn assume what your interests are through the information they collect and display a barrage of ads through the computer where they install their adware.

Spyware vendors pay software vendors to bundle in their spyware software so that they can get into users system. Some spyware vendors get into your system through the low security settings in your Internet browser. For each spyware installation they mark it with a tracking number so that they can trace your information, helping them to update their database on an ongoing basis.

Antispyware has become an essential part of a computer just like antivirus software. The adware that installs itself in our systems without our approval usually come up as popup windows or sleazy banner advertisements integrated into some totally irrelevant program. Antispyware programs and adware removal tools can detect, remove and also provide prevention measures.


Delete History and Clear History Software Tools

October 24th, 2012 5 comments

If you want to use the internet for your business especially online business, it will be a good idea to get some sort of protection. You will be using your internet all the time for payments, transactions, and online banking and you will obviously have passwords for all of these. This is where internet eraser software is much needed. Basically, internet eraser software helps to delete all the information that is stored in hidden files on your computer which is very easy for hackers to get hold of.

Using internet eraser software will make sure that no one can get into your system to steal your passwords, user names, account details, and credit card numbers. Some Internet eraser software has advanced features that erase your internet browser history, your address bar history, your internet browser cache, your cookies and junk files and your internet search history. Make sure to get a software tool that allows you to delete your cookies one by one, so that you can choose which ones are important and necessary to keep.

The internet eraser software ensures that every part of your computer is safe from unwanted visitors. It is possible for people to secretly place unwanted items like banners and pictures on to your computer when you have been downloading something like music or video or any other program from some websites. To delete such unwanted files from your computer, some internet eraser software’s also includes a Media Player history eraser, a real Player history eraser, and porn tracks eraser and it deletes the unwanted files permanently.

Most of the internet eraser software’s also has Google search history, Yahoo search history, and MSN search history eraser, and supports almost all major web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape, and Firefox. If you do most of your work and financial transactions online, it is a good idea to take all precautions and purchase internet eraser software. Your computer can also be safer from viruses that are frequently downloaded from unsafe sites you might have visited. Now you can delete all of this information permanently from your PC.

Internet eraser software will ensure that your office or home office is safe from hackers, viruses and other invasions. This is also great for offices, as you can not be sure what your employees get up to all the time. They could download something potentially dangerous and even though they have deleted the original files, the hidden files downloaded in the computer can infect your PC. We all need to face facts, that today’s world is not safe and there are vicious people out there just waiting to take advantage of someone else’s lifestyle, so get your internet eraser software now to protect your family and your future.

Sam Roberts

Computer Privacy and Erase Browser History Tools

March 6th, 2012 No comments

The purpose of Internet Eraser software is to erase selected files, folders, Internet Cache, and/or cookies from your PC without the chances of them being recovered. Internet eraser software is a great utility that cleans up your hard drive from any unwanted files that might jeopardize you as a family man or an honest worker in a company.

Majority of the common people who uses internet are not aware of the fact that whenever they pass through a website, the images are saved in the hard drive in a secret file or folder. Even though one manually deletes these files traces of these files still remains in the hard disk, which can be easily retrieved back with the help of any data recovery programs. So if you wish to erase these unwanted files permanently from the hard disk, you can do so with the help of any internet eraser software programs.

The internet eraser software helps to remove search history, delete temporary internet files, empty recycle bin, remove cookies, and clear internet cache. You may believe that by just clearing the browser history will clear all the URLs that you had visited. However this is not true, all your web browsing activities are stored in the index.dat file. As index.dat file is a system file, you cannot delete it or clear the file details manually. Internet eraser software helps you to delete all the encrypted information stored in the index.dat file. Another major advantage of internet eraser software is that, the software works well with almost all popular web browsers. Some of the web browsers supported by internet eraser software are Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape, and FireFox.

Internet eraser software is a great software program whether you are using the computer for business purpose or just for checking mails or surfing the net. Whatever be the use, you may be using different important usernames and passwords for checking mails, online banking etc. Using the internet eraser software in your system and cleaning the system once in a while will make sure that your PC is kept clean and safe from the reach of hackers.

Nowadays, there are several software vendors offering internet eraser software. Before choosing any particular software, make sure that you have spend some time to compare the features of various internet eraser software programs and selecting the one which best suits your needs.

Sam Roberts

Information Regarding Internet Explorer Tools

December 25th, 2011 No comments

Changing Internet Explorer Tools in Registry Editor is a complex, advanced task that requires a deep familiarity with Windows and Internet Explorer as well as the necessary information about which exact tool or process files to change and what codes to use.

However, changing the tools is sometimes the only way to repair complicated issues that cannot be easily resolved using more basic procedures. For example, sometimes there are problems with unprompted homepage changes in Internet Explorer that aren’t solved by resetting the page in Internet Options. Deleting specific key values inside the Registry Editor can solve this problem.

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Information Regarding Internet Toolbar Missing

December 24th, 2011 No comments

Just like all the other components of a computer, Internet Explorer can also succumb to malfunction and errors. Some of the possible factors that can make it work inappropriately and inefficiently are missing registrations and damaged files. In order to solve these problems, it is important to learn how to reinstall IE. However, there are certain important things to do before anyone can achieve a successful reinstallation process, namely learning how to backup IE favorites as well as the different steps in uninstalling the program in the first place.

How to Backup your Favorites

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Information Regarding Google Toolbar Tools

December 12th, 2011 No comments

There are two ways to uninstall and remove Google toolbar from Internet Explorer. You can use Add or Remove Programs to uninstall it. If it doesn’t work for you, you can use some removal tools to help you.

Use Add or Remove Programs
This is the best, easiest way to uninstall Google toolbar. You can use this method to get rid of most software that you don’t want any more. Just follow the steps below:

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Information Regarding Yahoo Search Engine Tools

December 11th, 2011 No comments

As you probably already know, the default settings for web browsers (such as Internet Explorer) and toolbars (such as the Google Toolbar) is to keep your search history available.

Why do they do this? Because many people find websites or search results, then need to find them again but do not remember how they found them in the first place. Using your search history is a good way to recreate your steps.

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