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Blogging: Choosing the Right Tools

June 4th, 2012 No comments

In blogging, using the correct blog software tools can help you manage the goings-on of your blog. When it comes to publishing your blog content, there are two kinds of blog software tools that you can use, such as: the server-based tools and the client-based tools. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages and it is up to you to choose the one that is right for your blog.

The Client-based Tools

One of the two blog software tools that you can choose from is the client-based tools. These tools’ purpose is to aid you with publishing your blog and they are normally installed on your computer and also run from there. Additionally, client-based tools are also categorized as small blogs that are able to run from your hard drive.

Client-based tools also have text editors that allow you to perform word processing applications from your own computer. Thus, a text blog editor enables you to create and publish your own content at the comfort of your own desktop.

Obviously, the first advantage of using client-based tools, like the text editor, is convenience. Most bloggers choose to publish their work with a desktop tool rather than a Web browser, which entails logging into the blog software’s control panel and accessing the Web-based text editor.

Additionally, client-based tools can be managed either locally or remotely. Such tools can allow you to manage and edit your posts remotely. More so, the content of your blog can also be managed locally by saving drafts to a local computer. These can be very beneficial to those with limited Internet connection since accessing and managing the content of your blog remotely and locally can be done without the need of being connected to the Internet.

Lastly, you can manage multiple blogs through the use of client-based tools. If by any chance you are publishing more than one blog, it might be easier if you consider using a blog editor. The blog editor can be easily configured to manage all your blogs. You only have to enter the same information that you use to log in into your server tool combined with the particular kind of server software you are using and the blog editor can save that information in its configuration.

The Server-based Tools

Another kind of blog software tool that you can choose from is the server-based tools. There are two varieties of such tools: blog hosting service provider tools and server-based publishing tools.

The first variety is automatically provided by your blog hosting service provider. Hosted blog software tools are very easy to use and you do not have to install any software or manage any configuration too difficult to comprehend. These kinds of tools can help you focus on publishing your content.

With the use of hosted software tools, you are also provided with an assortment of design templates. These can help you in choosing the desired layout that suits your blog. More so, the layouts can be easily customized, including the fonts, columns, colors, etc.

On the other hand, publishing tools you install on the server has the advantage of giving you the level of customization and control you need over the configuration settings. Through the use of these kinds of server-based tools, you can decide how much storage space you allocate, extend the features of your blog through plug-ins or add-ins and make custom layouts and pages.

Nicholas Tan

Personal Review About Offline Browser

May 25th, 2012 No comments

Are you limited to use Internet on schedule or on rate? Do you remember the days of dial-up connections, when to save money, you’d try and save and download as many pages as possible for reading later? Now with the advent of broadband, those days are thankfully gone for most people. But there are occasions when you might want to save a whole website for offline reading or to do a backup. If that’s your case, then you should have a powerful and handy offline browser. Here I will commend some excellent and applied offline browsers to you. They are: SurfOffline, A1 Website Download, BackStreet Browser, BlackWidow and Offline Commander. Follow me and there must have a suited one for you!

SurfOffline is a fast and convenient offline browser with easy navigation and simple interface. Capable of downloading up to 100 files simultaneously, this application can save a website to our hard drive completely or partially in just minutes. Another important feature is a wizard like interface that enables the users to quickly set up downloading rules. Importantly, the program supports HTTP, SSL(HTTPS), FTP, proxy servers, CSS, Macromedia Flash and JavaScript parsing.

A1 Website Download enables us to download and archive entire websites for offline browsing or storage. The downloaded site(s) can be browsed without the need for an internet connection and can be placed on a CD/DVD or USB drive. The program supports website logins and cookies and automatically stores dynamic pages as static .html files. We can set a variety of filters and options that allows us to determine how links are followed and which pages to download. Other features include support for frames, redirects, multi-threaded operation, link conversion and more. Unlike most website download tools, this website downloader program will copy websites to our disk, and not store websites using a proprietary database format. As all links get corrected to relative file paths, we can copy and take the downloaded websites with us anywhere, and later view them offline in any browser.

BackStreet Browser is a free, powerful offline browser. A high-speed, multi-threading website download and viewing program. By making multiple simultaneous server requests, BackStreet Browser can quickly download entire website or part of a site including HTML, graphics, Java Applets, sound and other user definable files, and saves all the files in our hard drive, either in their native format, or as a compressed ZIP file and view offline. After downloading, all links within the website are reconstructed creating a complete hard drive copy of the site that we can view at our own pace without being connected to the Internet. Additionally, BackStreet Browser provides the option of duplicating the original directory structure of a site making it easy to download and transfer a site to another server. In the event we lose our Internet connection while downloading a site, the Resume Session allows us to pick up a session where we left off after reestablishing our Internet connection. If we wish to update a previously downloaded site, the Update Session feature allows us to revisit a site using new search parameters to make sure we have the most current files. In addition to the embedded quick-view browser window in the main program screen, we can launch our default browser for viewing any downloaded projects. The quick-view browser window also supports browsing zipped website, so that we don’t need to unzip the files to view.

BlackWidow is a multi-function internet utility and a great webmaster tool. It is a web site downloader, download internet manager, site mapping tool, a site ripper, a site mirroring tool, a website scanner, an offline browser and a download manager. We can use it to scan a site and create a complete profile of the site’s structure, files, external links and even link errors. Then use it to download part or entire web site to our computer, with its structure and files intact, to use as a site mirror or to be converted by BlackWidow into a locally linked site for offline browsing and long-term reference. Or use it to scan for and download any selection of files: from JPG to CGI to HTM to MIME types, from small to large files, in part of a site or in a group of sites. The Net Spy feature can monitor all our web activity and build a structure of everything we visit on every web site. This feature is especially useful to find hidden links to files or to spot redirections to other URLs.

Offline Commander lets us create local copies of entire Web sites, browse Web sites offline, organize our Web research, quickly save selected web pages to offline collections. All saved pages and sites are stored and indexed in a local SQL database and can be searched in depth (also via custom SQL query). The saved pages and sites can be browsed just as if they were online, complete with all images, links, and dynamic content, embedded objects etc. We can specify the depth and what type of files to download, also specify URL patterns to match and more. Offline Commander has a tabbed browser interface and provides a drop box that we can use to quickly save pages from within Internet Explorer or any other browser.

In a word, SurfOffline, A1 Website Download and Offline Commander provide most basal functions for downloading entire website. SurfOffline has an easy navigation and simple interface. Offline Commander has a tabbed browser interface and provides a drop box. Even beginners can use them expediently and fleetly. Unlike most website download tools, A1 Website Download will copy websites to disk, and not store websites using a proprietary database format. So as all links get corrected to relative file paths, we can copy and take the downloaded websites with us anywhere. BackStreet Browser is a multi-threading website download and viewing program. It provides an Update Session feature allows us to revisit a site using new search parameters to make sure we have the most current files. BlackWidow is a multi-function internet utility and a great webmaster tool. It’s Net Spy feature can monitor all our web activity and build a structure of everything we visit on every web site. What are you waiting for? Download a favorite offline browser now!

Robert Snoog

Generating An Income With A Home Business

March 7th, 2012 5 comments

One of the best ways to generate an income through a home business is through affiliate marketing programs. You will earn a commission for every sale that is made through your link to a companys web site. There are many companies that want to advertise their businesses online but do not have the time or the money to do so. By paying other people a commission, they get the sales and you get paid for selling their products.

This is one of the best internet home work income businesses that you can find because there is no start up costs. All you have to have is a computer with an internet connection. You will have to spend time marketing the company and placing links where you think people will find them. This will take some time but once you have links in place, you will begin making money.

Keeping track of your links will ensure that you continue making a profit. You will be able to do this through your web hosting company. Each time someone is brought to your web site, the tracking tool will tell you where they came from. If you find a spot that is profitable, leave it alone. If you find a spot that is not performing as well, then you will need to find another area to place links.

An internet home work income business like this one will continue to make money while you find other places to put your links. Tools like these are available for free and you should use them in order to spend more of your time finding other money making opportunities and expand your existing business. When you sign up for web hosting, find out what you will get for your money. Some web hosting companies are not as good as others.

Do not settle for less when you can have access to tools that will make your business run better. Once you have established your home business, you should continue to market it so that you will see a profit each month. You should not expect that the same people who ordered from your site or from your link will do so again, so you will have to find others that are interested.

You should also make sure that you know where all of your links are located and make sure that they still work. If a link does not work, you will be losing money. Periodically check the links and make changes where necessary. Taking the steps necessary to maintain current links and finding new places to advertise will help to increase your profits and allow you to continue running your home business for a long time.

Obinna Heche