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What is a good story collaboration software?

May 7th, 2013 1 comment

My friend and I want to collaborate on a story, and we were searching, anyone that knows a good software, or in browser, collab tool, please tell me!

use google docs, free with 5gb of free storage (plenty for a massive novel), support for all kinds of standard word editing features
only bad thing is a little bit of lag when many people are working on the same document, but with two people it shouldn’t be noticeable

all you need is a free google/gmail account

for the account

Why do many people have the false belief that if anything is downloaded for free it has a virus?

April 15th, 2013 3 comments

Many browser tool bars are free, Windows updates are free, many free downloads are free. If so many things were full of viruses, then we could not use peer to peer, Yahoo Mail, Windows Updates, Google Search, various home pages. Maybe things were worse before, but many browser tool bars have pop-up blockers, anti-spy, etc. Even some of the free anti-virus programs detect viruses that ones we have to pay for don’t. Sure there are evil people who are up to no good. But, not everything for free contains a virus. Darn it!

your right, and the only thing that you can do is try to educate the people and tell them whats up.

How do you clear your google search history?

April 9th, 2013 6 comments

When I type in a letter all the searches I have done starting with that letter appear and I want to clear them all.

Clearing history in my browser tool bar doesn’t affect the google search history….

type in the letter scroll down the list of things you have searched for (when they are highlighted) hit the del button on your key board till everything is gone

Why after a day on the Internet does my computer run slower than a snail?

March 17th, 2013 2 comments

I use browser tools to clean out whatever they clean out, but the Internet still runs slowly. I don’t like having to restart my computer so often. Is there anything else I can do? I run XP and mozilla or netscape.

Apart from having sufficient RAM and processing speed below are the few tips to deal with slow internet:

1.Try and user Google chrome Its light weight and fast you can get it for free from the following URL
2.Download any good System Cleaner such as Reginout from Intel Software Directory ( ) to clear Browser history and cache because when the cache gets full, your browsing will slow down.
3.Make sure system is free of Mal wares and viruses use Avast free and Malware Bytes (FREE)

4.Sometimes your DNS server is not fast enough you can experiment with some third party DNS server Such as OpenDNS I tested this with two ISP connections found it very useful with One of them, didn’t get much difference in case of second ISP.
5.Always try and use a download manager. There are many free options available
6.Make sure your system firewall in enable and managed to stop unwanted internet traffic
You can control access of programs to internet using windows Firewall

How many times can you get a pell grant?

March 15th, 2013 3 comments

I’m in WA state and am looking at attending Community College for two years, then transferring to a 4 year university. How many times can you receive a Pell Grant? An old roommate of mine said you can only get them once, but I wasn’t sure if that was specific to her since she had defaulted on her loan and had to pay it back. What other types of grants can you only be eligible for once if that is the case? Should I wait until attending a 4 year to use a grant, because cost of living and tuition will be so much higher, or use it now to get equipment and learning tools that I can take with me when I transfer? I have 20 different people saying different things, and my phone won’t let me get on google, but the Yahoo Answers app works just fine.

it depends if you even qualify for pell grant… and it is possible to qualify in one year & then not in other years

household income, changes to the federal funding program (like what happened for 2012), and your academic performance, and loan limits (per year & aggregate) are all examples of things that can affect your pell grant funding

you can fill out FAFSA to use federal funding (this includes student loans as well as pell grants) for a total of 12 semester (or 6 years) — if you meet other qualifying factors to use FAFSA generated aid

however, consider that if you were to stop at associates degree… then you would be limited to 150% of the credits required for your degree & that means you would be cut-off @ 5-6 semesters… in order to use remaining semesters, you would need to continue for bachelor’s degree

Is having an online business easier or harder than owning a store?

March 10th, 2013 7 comments

1. What are the pros and cons of running an online business?
2. What are the pros and cons of running a store?
3. Which would you rather have?

These days an online store costs much less to operate. The overhead costs are greatly reduced as well and you don’t have to pay rent. Marketing is critical with online stores and you need to do a lot of market research which you can conduct yourself. Online stores can be FREE to start and can cost as little as $19 per month up to $199 a month according to product selection. You can market via facebook or any social media network, you can market using google PPC, Commission Junction is another tool you can Utilize to generate extra income. There are backlinking places you can join in order to generate even more traffic.

Online stores also give you access to more competition and more potential customers. But overall the costs i much less to operate and can be just a profitable if not more when you market right.

Seo: the True Definition of Search Engine Optimization

March 9th, 2013 No comments

The true definition of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be stated as a highly specialized process of building a successful website. Moreover Search Engine Optimization can easily be defined as: The practice of obtaining high search engine rankings by performing keyword research, modifying the HTML code to reflect such keywords and building relationships with other websites to promote your site via a linking campaign. For more details about it visit SEO can also target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, and industry-specific vertical search engines.

Our actions are reliant on search engine optimization, Google top ten ranking requirements, quality content distribution, and a diverse set of proven activities that help generate good and quality traffic on the website through:
• Blog promotion
• Forum promotion
• RSS Feed Distribution and Optimization
• SEO Article development and submission
• Press Release optimization
Services Offered by SEO India & Services are prescribed below:

Web Designing: SEO India & Services is a leading service provider in Web site Design and Development in India, serving clients worldwide. We aim at delivering competent Website Development and e- commerce solutions. SEO India & Services excels at providing single point of contact by fulfilling all your e-business needs.

Banner designing: SEO India & Services provides a wide assortment of banner designs, in all file formats, that fall within the guidelines of major search engine and directory sites. Select the banner type that’s best for you or contact us to get a specific estimate for your project.

SEO & SEM: Search engine optimization (SEO) may be defined as a set of methodologies that help improve the visibility of a website in search engine listings. Along with SEO services, SEO India & Services also provides complete web promotion services globally, that includes Search Engine Marketing (SEM), SEO consulting services, market research, as well as advertising campaigns. For more details visit We target our SEO services to provide guaranteed top rankings to your website in major search engines and increase traffic to your website, thereby helping you to promote your business globally.

PPC (Pay per Click): PPC is an advertising technique generally used on website, advertising network and search engines. In this method through a bidding process, advertisers can get good position on the search engine results page (SERPS) for specific keyword or phrases that he likes according to his business need.

Internet Marketing: Internet Marketing includes SEO and additional online marketing tools you can use to gain the attention of potential customers and the search engines. Each of the marketing techniques works to drive motivated traffic to your website and allow you to compete more effectively.

E-Commerce Solutions: E-Commerce is nothing but exchange of goods and services for money, being conducted via electronic medium like the Internet. Companies scale up to online mode of operations using web as, it is much more efficient and faster than as compared to the contemporary stores.
Email Customer Support: Our E-mail customer support expertise in using eCRM solutions. With our advanced ticketing system, inbound email traffic and web form queries are managed proficiently.

Live Chat: Our Live chat services fortify customer loyalty and increases customer satisfaction levels. It improves an executive’s productivity while decreases the cost of customer support. The customers receive instant solutions to their queries.

Vinod Kumar

Free Firefox Add-ons Help Internet Businesses

March 9th, 2013 6 comments

If you are not familiar with how Firefox add-ons work, here is a quick introduction. Firefox is a free browser that anyone can use. But unlike other browsers, Firefox allows third party developers to come up with useful applications. These applications can be installed on the browser, and they appear to be part of the browser. For this reason, they are also commonly referred to as Firefox extensions.

Today, there are many different types of Firefox extensions available for download. Mostly, they exist to serve specific interest groups. For example, Firefox extensions for online business owners have been on the rise. These tiny but useful applications show important information about websites or web pages. Such information include traffic rankings, Google page rank and more.

Recently, GadgetAdvisor, a newly launched technology website offers another useful Firefox extension – the Google cache checker. This is a light weight application that shows whether a web page has been cached by Google. If a web page has been cached, a green arrow shows on the status bar. Otherwise, a red X is displayed.

Obviously, many online marketers will find this extension useful when they are considering whether to acquire links. For instance, when considering whether to submit a URL to a web directory, a quick glance at the status bar will let the marketer know whether the site has been properly indexed by Google or not. If the status bar shows a red X, perhaps the marketer may want to skip that directory.

Similarly, an online marketer can adopt the same approach when buying advertising on a site. If the sites contain many web pages that are caches by Google, chances are, it will have higher traffic levels.

This is also useful when buying websites. Usually, sites that are well indexed by the search engines and can supply proof of organic traffic are worth more. As you perform your due diligence and examine the site, don’t forget to check your status bar to see whether the site you are buying is cached by Google or not. Perhaps the seller is trying to sell the site because it has been recently banned by Google! Fortunately, now you have an extension that will warn you before it’s too late.

Sometimes, you may be running search engine optimization campaigns for new websites. With the extension installed in your browser, you no longer have to deliberately visit Google to check whether your new sites have been indexed. As you continue working on your sites, you can always monitor your status bar to see if the web pages have been cached.

As you can see, even a simple Firefox extension like the Google cache checker can come in very handy for online business owners.

You may be surprised to learn that just like the Firefox browser, the Google cache checker is also free for download. You may download and install this application from the GadgetAdvisor website with no strings attached. The only condition is that you don’t host the extension on your own site. If you wish to allow other users to get their hands on this extension, simply refer them to GadgetAdvisor with a simple text link.

Gen Wright

Learn About Search Engine Marketing

March 9th, 2013 5 comments

Which Search Engine Marketing Tool Is The Best For You?

You created a website for your business and filled it with a lot of useful information. Great! Now you must get your website recognized and popularized on the World Wide Web index. In doing so you have three major options, they are: Organic search optimization, Paid Inclusions and Pay-Per-Click. These three web-marketing tools are a great way to get started and get identified. So you may ask, what exactly are these three Search Engine Marketing tools?

Organic Search Engine

If you like free, then Organic Search Engine Marketing is for you. Organics are found on the left side of the page and are ranked by keyword results. For example, if you search Google for ice cream the links that appear on the page are those with the keyword “ice cream” on the page a high number of times. Also, if a page has internal links with the keyword those will be included in the ranking.

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Dogpile are constantly changing their algorithms. These are specialized computing data structures or recipes that find the best websites that represent the keywords a user searches for. Other common names for algorithms are crawler or spider.

Organic Search Engines are the most trusted marketing search engine tool. This is because they are free and businesses are not influencing the search results by buying a spot. Organic results also portray a level of importance when the top 10 results appear.

Paid Inclusion

If you are willing to pay for a spot then paid inclusions are for you. These work as such: you pay money for a site indexed in the search engine, which is organized in a priority queue or organized sequence. Your link stays indexed as long as your pay for the subscription. This does not promise a particular ranking.

As stated above these are not as credible as the organic search results, but they do get your page, name, and material out on the results pages.


These links appear on the right side of the search engine results pages and are under the title “Sponsored Links.” These are advertisements and the businesses that pay for them get charged every time someone clicks on the advertisement. Pay-Per-Click links are also linked to keywords, meaning the link appears when the keyword is typed into the search engine.

Malerie Giaimo

SEO Tool for Webmaster

March 9th, 2013 4 comments

As a webmaster you will be dealing with any number of websites, with the internet growing at a rate of knots it is going to be more and more. So tools that make life easier are becoming more and more sort after. In my personal experience I have used 6 different programs and in this article I am going to tell you about the one that I am currently using that is by far the best for the projects that I am working on making it a perfect SEO tool for webmaster.

OK so the projects that I am working on range between a single page website through to a 50,000 page site, within the product that I am telling you about it is possible that you can manage all of the pages in all of your projects from the one program including HTML editing and managing your links.

Web SEO offers how to find a Niche with your keywords. A niche is where you find how to get your traffic to the sites you are managing by finding the keywords that are searched on but offer very little in the way of results but a high number of searches. For example if you search on ipod you will get thousands of results from Google, however if you search for “ipod nano 4gb” it will return much fewer results and will mean that you stand a better chance of getting to the top of the search engine listings. Within the Niche section you can also optimize your pages. The optimization will give you a report that gives keyword weight (the number of times your keyword appears in the page). You can also edit the pages so you can add the keywords directly into the page within the application. Perfect as a SEO tool for webmaster.

Web SEO also allows you to promote the site within the program, the ability to submit all of the URL’s in your site is provided and you will not have to enter the URL’s for input the software automatically scans the site for links and submits them from this list.

Another important part of SEO is to build up a good link relationship with other sites. The software offers a Link Popularity Analyzer which checks the internet to see how many other sites have a link back to your own. On top of that it also has a module for finding link partners, these are other sites that could offer a reciprocal link back to your site increasing your popularity and your Search Engine ranking. Yet another perfect SEO tool for webmaster.

Pay per click campaigns have a great impact on the amount of traffic that your site gets (ever wonder how the big boys always manage to get to the top and get the sponsored links as well?) if someone is searching for a particular product then chances are they know what they want and have done a fair amount of research if you have the correct keywords and your landing pages are correct alongside your keywords then you will find your traffic and your profitability goes up as a result. (Information on this can be found at

The software also has modules for analyzing your site checking your current rankings on over 120 search engines as well as getting traffic reports for checking against any traffic reporting software that you might have installed on your web server. This will allow you to analyze your results and give you the indications you need that you are doing the right thing to get traffic to your site and just as much to keep it there.

Finally there is section that allows you to maintain the site, you can from here upload your site with any changes you might have made via FTP to your own server. There is also a quality control so you can check that all of your links are working and that you have no broken links that might well have an negative effect on your website rankings should you have broken links.

There is a free download available but it is restricted in the services that are available. I purchased the full version as I was very impressed by what it does and how it manages the sites, I have done away with manual research now and use this product along with the website products to ensure that my sites sit high up the search engine results and get the traffic they need.

Steve Hooper