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Online Tools to Make SEO Efforts, Effortless

March 7th, 2012 No comments

There are different kinds of online tools for different aspects of SEO, each having their own unique feature to provide assistance, that is, to make SEO efforts seem a little more effortless.  Some came from popular sites such as SEOmoz or SEOBook. Others were from independent programmers (who do optimization techniques as well) that offer free or paid SEO tools for specialists alike. Here is a comprehensive list of popular SEO tools, arranged based on their individual specialization.


Quality backlinks is one of the most important factor in Search Engine Optimization. It is not enough just to have a lot of them, it is the quality along with the quantity that helps websites rank better in search engines. For backlinks, specialists commonly use tools that would help them determine the health of their links. Here are the 3 most popular ones.

Raven is an SEO tool which provides everything from content management, research and analysis, campaign management, and many more. Some of its features include a Firefox toolbar, keyword analyzer, design analyzer, link manager, and backlink analyzer. Raven offers free limited access on their services and a paid one, for full features. Backlink & Anchor Text Tool

Knowing who is linking and what link text or anchor text they’re using is one of the most important aspects in search engine optimization. This tool checks backlinks and shows the anchors used to link to the website. Backlink Anchor Text Analyzer

Similar to Webconfs’s tool, this one determines the backlinks of a website and the anchor texts used as well.

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Aside from backlinks, analysis of the domain is also important. Here are some of the tools used to analyze the strength, age, and status of a website’s domain: Domain Dossier

To learn about a site’s domain and IP addresses, specialists use Domain Dossier.  Among its features include WhoIs, network WhoIs, DNS info, service scanner, and traceroutes. Domain Stat Tool

This tool shows statistics of the domain or its competitor’s. Stats include Alexa traffic rank, domain age, Yahoo WebRank, Dmoz listings, number of backlinks and pages indexed in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. View HTTP Header Tool

Much like the name of the tool is, View HTTP Header Tool checks on the domain’s HTTP header and its competitor’s.

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Keyword Analysis

Keyword research and analysis is the most important aspect in SEO. This involves doing a research of the keywords that would be most appropriate for the site and analyzing its weight or importance. Here are some tools  which could be helpful to implement this. Keyword Density Tool

The keyword density tool is useful for helping webmasters and SEO specialists achieve their optimum keyword density for a set of key terms. This tool analyzes a website’s chosen URL and return a table of keyword density values for one-, two-, or three-word key terms. In an attempt to mimic the function of search engine spiders, it filters out common stop words (since these were also ignored by search engines). It avoids filtering out stop words in the middle of a term as well. Keyword Density Checker

LinkVendor’s Keyword Density checker lists the most frequently used keywords of a website and calculates its percentage share in popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and Ask Jeeves. Keyword Density Checker – Keyword Cloud

This tool from Webconfs crawls the given URL, extracts text as a search engine would, removes common stop words and analyzes the density of the keywords. The Keyword Cloud is a visual depiction of keywords used on a website — keywords having higher density are depicted in large fonts. Ideally your main keywords should appear in larger fonts at the start of the cloud.

Web Popularity

Constant checking on the site’s gaining popularity on the web is also needed. This is to assure that the SEO campaign is still on the right track. This also serves as a way to learn if the strategy used in a campaign is effective or not. Below are the tools used to see a site’s popularity in terms of links. Link Popularity Checker

This tool shows how many websites are linking to the site. Website popularity is an important factor in search engine ranking. The more popular the site is, the better it will be ranked on engines like Google or Yahoo. Link Popularity Check

Link Popularity Check is one of the best ways to independently measure a website’s online overall visibility. This tool works by calculating the total number of links, or what they call “Votes”, that a search engine has found linking to a website. This also generates useful benchmarking report to quickly show where the website stands in comparison to competitors and other major online players. Reciprocal Link Checker

Reciprocal Link Checker ensures that the link partners are linking back to the website. It also determines the anchor text used by the link partners.

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Google PageRank Checker

Google is one of the primary search engines in which SEO specialists and enthusiasts direct their attention to. Its  ranking tool – Google PageRank – determines the state of the website’s importance and popularity around the web. This in turn will be the basis if the websites is gaining success in regard to search ranking position in Google. Check Google PageRank

Check Google PageRank is a tool used to check a website’s PR without installing the Google toolbar. This features other components such as Alexa Rank, DMOZ Listing, Google/Yahoo/MSN backlinks, AltaVista/All the Web results and Website Thumbnail. Multi PageRank Check

With the Multi PageRank Check, one can easily check the PageRank of a website from different Google data centers.

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Browser Wars

March 7th, 2012 2 comments

When Firefox 3 was launched on 17 June, the free web browser generated 8,002,530 unique downloads in a day. It’s a hugely impressive figure that constituted a new Guinness world record, albeit in a category that didn’t previously exist.

For the Mozilla Foundation, the non-profit organisation behind Firefox, successfully encouraging so many users to download the new browser on day one was a canny way to grab headlines. But the release of Firefox 3 also marked the moment in which the cultural shift away from Microsoft’s browser Internet Explorer finally went mainstream.

Internet Explorer (IE) has been bundled with Windows since 1995. By 1999, it had become the world’s most widely used web browser, a position it has held ever since. At its peak in early 2003, IE achieved a staggering 95% usage share, leaving its onetime bitter rival Netscape Navigator as nothing more than a forgotten cyber-casualty.

But since July 2003, the level of IE’s dominance has steadily declined. Figures for June 2008 indicate that its market share is now at 73%, compared to 19% for Firefox and 6% for Safari, which is the native browser on Apple Macs and the iPhone (all other browsers have a share of less than 1% each).

Microsoft had become complacent. The first iteration of IE6 was launched in August 2001 and wasn’t replaced by a full IE release for over five years. The debut of the much-hyped IE7 in October 2006 failed to have an impact on IE’s overall market share. Indeed, by that point, Firefox – which was first released in November 2004 – had highlighted just how archaic IE’s interface was.
With its inclusion of tabbed browsing, integrated search box and – thanks to its open source architecture – the option for users to customise it with over 5000 third-party add-ons, Firefox quickly became the technophile’s browser of choice.

In contrast, the muted response that met the release of IE7 offers some clues as to why IE no longer enjoys the ubiquity it once had. Beyond incorporating some of the features that were the catalyst for many users switching to Firefox in the first place, IE7 offered little innovation.
Curiously, IE did have the opportunity to introduce tabbed browsing years before Safari and Firefox popularised it. NetCaptor, an alternative IE interface that was first released in January 1998, incorporated tabs at the bottom of the browser.

If a user wanted to have multiple pages open at once, they were able to use this neat solution as opposed to having to open numerous windows. It was, and remains, an elegant solution but one that IE belatedly embraced only after other browsers highlighted its usefulness.
But IE7’s limitations are more than just anecdotal. Its lack of standards compliancy means that it fails the Web Standards Project’s Acid2 test, which identifies flaws in web browsers: any browser that follows the World Wide Web Consortium HTML and CSS 2.0 specifications will pass. The test is based on whether a somewhat startled-looking smiley face is displayed correctly.
In October 2005, Apple’s Safari was the first browser to make the grade, something that Firefox, Opera and others have also since done. IE remains the only major browser that’s not Acid2 compliant, forcing web developers to insert conditional code to compensate for the differences between IE and other browsers.

Internet Explorer 8, which has been available to download in Beta since March and is expected to be officially released in 2009, comes at a critical moment in IE’s history. Microsoft’s IE development team have already confirmed that it is Acid2 compliant. It also has integrated developer tools, meaning that HTML, CSS and JavaScript debugging can take place directly from the browser.
A feature called Activities assists copying and pasting between web pages, while WebSlices will allow users to subscribe to a specific element of a web page, which can then be viewed from the Favourites bar (think Mac OS X’s Dashboard).

There are some well considered security touches, from safer mash-ups to domain highlighting, which automatically highlights a site’s owning domain to help users identify attempts at phishing. Handily, IE8 will also offer a Firefox-style crash recovery mechanism: if the browser crashes, any web pages being viewed will be salvaged when the browser is restarted.

But, given Microsoft’s closed-source approach to software development, what IE8 won’t do is reflect the open and adaptable nature of Firefox, which users are able to pimp with everything from blog editors to PicLens’ 3D wall.

IE remains couched in old web thinking. As long as that continues to be the case, it’ll risk losing yet more users to Firefox, whose market share has increased from 14% to 21% over the last two years. What began as a cool alternative for in-the-know webheads may be on its way to beating one of the world’s largest corporations at its own game.

To read the original article, visit the Zeta Blog.

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Information Regarding Seo Tools Firefox

November 27th, 2011 No comments

I’ve been playing around with the SEO for Firefox add-on for the past few hours, and I must say that I am blown away. This is by far the coolest add-on that I’ve ever installed to my Firefox browser. Let me tell you a few things it can do.

The first thing it does is provide a lot of additional information when you perform a Google or Yahoo search. It displays information like the PageRank of each page, the number of backlinks, and the Alexa rating. If you are searching in Google, it will tell you the page’s search engine ranking in Yahoo. It also provides a suite of other data, but I have hidden all those options so that I can focus on the data I actually want to see.

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Information Regarding Firefox Tools

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If you are using Google Adsense for content to make money online have you tried using their referral program tools as well? One easy referral program to promote is the Firefox referral program. In this article we consider why you should use the Google Adsense Firefox referral program to make more money online.

Firefox is a Popular Software and Many People are Choosing to Use It

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Information Regarding Browser Tools Browser Add Ons Downloads

November 11th, 2011 No comments

Mozilla Firefox is a great internet browser that works like Microsoft Internet Explorer. Unlike Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox is an open source program. This means that Firefox is much more customizable. There are many add-ons made just to work with Firefox. To find downloads for Firefox, go to the Firefox web page and go to the downloads section. I am going to tell you about a couple I have found quite useful.

1. Browse Faster – Add-on

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Google Toolbar Tools

November 7th, 2011 No comments

On June three, Microsoft released its new search tool theyve selected to call Bing. A lot of many people regarded it the initially shot across the bow in a full-on challenge to search giant Google. Microsoft has barely mentioned Google in its ads, picking out to just reiterate Bings assets. When there is small debate that Bing is a considerably way more competitive tool than Live Search, pundits are way more ambivalent about no matter if Bing is a genuine challenge to Google.

Bing has a couple of characteristics that are of interest to the common search user. 1 of the most famous is the table of contents that quite often appears in the best left-hand column. A further is a search history that is handily accessible. Overall, computer system gurus who have reviewed Bing have been exceptionally impressed, and they havent found any glaring omissions. They tend to be of the opinion that the huge chasm that existed among Google and Microsofts Live Search has been drastically narrowed by Bing.

The user interface that Bing presents is described as each way more elegant and way more detailed, with the final results pages organized appealingly. In spite of this, most computer system gurus say that they cannot envision giving up Google absolutely. 1 cause is that Google is the common browser for Firefox. But they also say that even though they did not use Microsofts Live Search, they do program to use Bing. Microsoft has heavily promoted Bing, but no matter if that will be adequate to pry sizeable numbers of users away from Google is troublesome to forecast.

For common searches, Bing shows final results that appear pretty a bit like Googles ten final results per page. In spite of this, Bing has some extras that Google does not. For 1, if you do a travel-associated search and click Neighborhood on Bings final results page, you will be directed to a page that has a map. If you pick Offers, you will acquire final results from Microsofts Farecast travel tool. A search on a precise auto make will give you an image on Bing and information and facts about gas mileage and cost. So it appears that if you largely do consumer associated searches, Bing could be the best competitor to Google.

As to no matter if Bing will de-throne Google from the best of the search kingdom, most computer system gurus feel that whatever measurable strides Bing makes, they will be to the detriment of other famous search engines like Yahoo. The most important argument that frequent Google users express is that Google is not broken, so there is no have to have to fix it, which they see Bing as attempting to do.

The ultimate result most search gurus have created is that Bing will not knock Google off its location at the best of the search engine beauty contest. It is way more probably to knock Yahoo back to a distant third location.

Browser Tools Web Browser

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The purpose of Online Eraser computer software is to erase selected files, folders, Online Cache, and/or cookies from your PC with no the probabilities of them getting recovered. Online eraser computer software is a marvelous utility that cleans up your challenging drive from any undesirable files that could possibly jeopardize you as a household man or an honest worker in a provider.

Majority of the normal many people who makes use of online are not conscious of the truth that whenever they pass by way of a webpage, the pictures are saved in the challenging drive in a secret file or folder. Even even though 1 manually deletes these files traces of these files nonetheless remains in the challenging disk, which can be conveniently retrieved back with the support of any information recovery programs. So if you wish to erase these undesirable files permanently from the challenging disk, you can do so with the support of any online eraser computer software programs.

The online eraser computer software assists to take away search history, delete temporary online files, empty recycle bin, take away cookies, and clear online cache. You might possibly think that by just clearing the browser history will clear all the URLs that you had visited. In spite of this this is not correct, all your net browsing activities are stored in the index.dat file. As index.dat file is a technique file, you can not delete it or clear the file particulars manually. Online eraser computer software assists you to delete all the encrypted information and facts stored in the index.dat file. A further important benefit of online eraser computer software is that, the computer software operates properly with just about all famous net browsers. Some of the net browsers supported by online eraser computer software are Online Explorer, Opera, Netscape, and FireFox.

Online eraser computer software is a marvelous computer software plan no matter if you are applying the computer system for home business purpose or just for checking mails or surfing the net. Whatever be the use, you might possibly be applying numerous valuable usernames and passwords for checking mails, web based banking and so on. Applying the online eraser computer software in your technique and cleaning the technique when in a when will make confident that your PC is kept clean and secure from the reach of hackers.

Today, there are a few computer software vendors providing online eraser computer software. Ahead of picking out any certain computer software, make confident that you have devote some time to compare the characteristics of varied online eraser computer software programs and deciding on the 1 which most desirable suits your desires.