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What is a good story collaboration software?

May 7th, 2013 1 comment

My friend and I want to collaborate on a story, and we were searching, anyone that knows a good software, or in browser, collab tool, please tell me!

use google docs, free with 5gb of free storage (plenty for a massive novel), support for all kinds of standard word editing features
only bad thing is a little bit of lag when many people are working on the same document, but with two people it shouldn’t be noticeable

all you need is a free google/gmail account

for the account

Tool bar at the top of the page disappeared. How do I get it back?

April 22nd, 2013 2 comments

In my browser, the tool bar has disappeared. It comes back when I run my cursor to the very top of the page. However, I don’t want it this way – I want it back to normal. I guess I mistakenly hit a wrong button. How do I return it back to normal?

You have hit the F11 key, which sends it into full screen view. Just press the F11 key again to return it to normal view


Information Regarding Seo Tools Firefox

November 27th, 2011 No comments

I’ve been playing around with the SEO for Firefox add-on for the past few hours, and I must say that I am blown away. This is by far the coolest add-on that I’ve ever installed to my Firefox browser. Let me tell you a few things it can do.

The first thing it does is provide a lot of additional information when you perform a Google or Yahoo search. It displays information like the PageRank of each page, the number of backlinks, and the Alexa rating. If you are searching in Google, it will tell you the page’s search engine ranking in Yahoo. It also provides a suite of other data, but I have hidden all those options so that I can focus on the data I actually want to see.

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Information Regarding Google Chrome Tools

November 13th, 2011 No comments

Google has recently launched an improved version of Google Chrome. The said browser has steadily been the most used nowadays because it is way better than its counterparts. Google Chrome boasts of its sleek features, making it faster and stable. The good news is that you can make your Google Chrome browsing experience even better by doing these simple tips:

Put Google Chrome Usage Statistics Out of Action

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Google Chrome Tools

November 7th, 2011 No comments

Google has lately launched an improved version of Google Chrome. The mentioned browser has steadily been the most made use of today considering it is way improved than its counterparts. Google Chrome boasts of its sleek characteristics, producing it more quickly and stable. The high quality news is that you can make your Google Chrome browsing knowledge even improved by carrying out these rather simple techniques:

Put Google Chrome Usage Statistics Out of Action

Users who be concerned about their units technique efficiency can opt not to allow the usage statistics. You can do this by clicking the Tools menu, then to Solutions Tab and Advanced. When you are there, you should certainly uncheck the tick box beside the Send usage information to Google line.

Avoid the Google Chrome DNS Preload

DNS Preload is basically not vital. The preload is in truth recommended only for those with unreliable online connections, largely those who use their mobile phones for browsing the online. Many people who have a stable online connection, that with at not lower than 256kbps, do not necessitate the DNS Preload. All you have to have to do to disable this is to go to the Tools menu of your Google Chrome browser, click Solutions, then Advanced. Lastly, put out the check mark on Use DNS preload.

Take away the Anti-Phishing Filter of Your Browser

Most many people might possibly acquire this solution pretty risky but if you are okay with browsing with the anti-phishing filter turned off, you can save on CPU time and online bandwidth. The Anti-Phishing Filter is located at Tools, then go to Solutions and lastly, to Advanced tab.

Clear the Navigation Information

The navigation information assists online browsers for ease of access, displaying the most visited net pages. Getting a exceptionally major cache will influence the efficiency of your browser. This is primarily considering of the most stored pages you have visited more than the last couple of months. Clean your navigation information as quite often as attainable to strengthen Google Chromes efficiency. Go to Tools menu, and pick Take away navigation information and then click Delete information for this period.

Disable Other Functions Not In Use

To do this, perfect-click on the Google Chrome icon and go to Properties. Go to the Destination box below the Shortcut tab. You might possibly also disable logging of browser activities and save your CPU RAM and challenging disk space. Common users can also disable the dev-tools and also the metrics reporting, which is connected to the Usage Statistics mentioned above.

The Java can also be disabled. Users who do not ordinarily run web based Java applications can pick out to disable it to make the browser efficiency more quickly. Plug-ins such as Flash Player can also be disabled. This is advised for those who rarely check out media web pages. Lastly, pictures can be disabled for many people who have low-bandwidth connection, saving a lot of bandwidth. But if you have to have to view photographs, it is improved not to do this.

These techniques will support Google Chrome users an even way more improved browsing knowledge by saving bandwidth and CPU usage as properly.