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If I make a wordpress site, how will it be benefitial to my books I write for kindle?

July 28th, 2013 1 comment

I am planning to buy hosting and make a wordpress site. Nothing complicated in the beginning. But I was wondering if this will be of any benefit to few ebooks I have written for amazon kindle?
I know I can post the website in my amazon authors page and also post the books on wordpress.

But will it generate any form of income ? If so how does it happen, does it have to do with adsense? But I just have ebooks so how will it work?

A wordpress blog is a great way to advertise your kindle book. For the website write articles that target long tail keywords related to your book. Then at the end of each article link to your kindle book, or even include a amazon affiliate link. Use your blog as a marketing tool not as the source of income.

Why You Must Create Websites for Ongoing Passive Google Adsense Earnings?

March 2nd, 2013 No comments

People new to internet marketing frequently wonder what the Google Adsense Program can do for them. This article will discuss what the Google Adsense Program can do for you and your income and will show you how to increase your Adsense income even further by optimizing your sites with the highest paying Adsense keywords.

In three words, earn you money. More relevant ads on your pages translate into more clicks-and more money that you receive. Because when users click on an ad, Google will pay you. If you’ve set up your own sales team, you’ll get an additional benefit: Adsense complements their efforts. It doesn’t compete with them. With AdSense, for more details visit you get a reporting page that gives you a breakdown on how your ads are doing and what they’re bringing in.

Google has a huge advertiser base, so they have ads for all kinds of businesses and for just about every type of content no matter how broad or specialized it is. And since Google provides the ads, you don’t have to spend time talking to your advertisers. Adsense represents advertisers that span the spectrum. These advertisers range from large global brands to small and local companies. And ads are targeted by geography so global businesses can display local advertising easily. One more thing: you can use AdSense in many languages.

So how does AdSense figure out how to do all this targeted advertising? Well, AdSense has the ability to deliver relevant ads because the gurus at Google understand how web pages really work and they’re continually refining their technology to make it smarter all the time.

Of course there are other strategies, such as creating high paying keyword content pages to suit individual sites and also generating more traffic to your site. These have to be implemented too, to ensure success. For more detail visit to The Google Adsense Program has come to stay. It is a great way to earn an additional income for most webmasters and a big income for some who have made the Adsense Program as the main source of income. Which ever way you look at it the Adsense Program is a happy hunting ground for all and these Adsense Tips can help you get started.

When you put a Google search box on your site you start making money off of web searches that people do on your site. This ability to search off of your page keeps them on your site longer-since they can search from right there where they are-and it will only take you a few minutes to get AdSense up and running. The best part, of course, is that AdSense is free for you to use.

Now that you understand what the Google Adsense Program can do you and your income capacity it’s critical that you get access to the best Adsense tools.

Susheel Batra

Promoting Your Opportunity

February 15th, 2013 3 comments

If you choose to do business with a network marketing company plan on promoting your opportunity with your own website. Otherwise you will be giving business away to the competition. Network marketing companies provide cookie cutter websites for their distributors and expect them to refer people to that. To make this successful you need to be have direct contact with a prospective customer or distributor in person or on the phone.

The problem with this is that you don’t have the freedom to make your website your own unique creation. One that shows your personality and human side. Its basically a landing page, sales page, or order page. You can still build a downline of distributors and possibly even build a large enough group to make average or above average money. Some will go on to make huge amounts of money and retire on the residual income they are earning for the rest of their lives.

The benefit of having your own website is that you can develop it around keywords that will get you high ranking with the search engines. By building a theme based niche website for promoting your opportunity you position yourself as an expert in your field and become a solutions provider. If for some reason 6 months or 1 year, or at some time in the future you drop out of the network marketing company you are with you will still have your website that you can continue to develop and monetize off it on your terms.

As long as you are providing fresh content to your website on a consistent basis this becomes an investment in your future. Your own website and learning how to build a web page gives you freedom in your business you would not otherwise have. Thanks to the evolution of the internet and web 2.0 building a website is not as difficult as it once was. This gives you the latitude to promote more than one product or service and you can do it on one website.

The trick is to build a niche website that you can develop into a business with many different programs and products. The internet is here to stay and it offers many marketing advantages that offline does not, eventually everyone is going to have to learn how to use it.

Having your own website for promoting your opportunity as a network marketer is a must. It is a very handy tool, and when you learn the skills, you will be glad that you have one. Maybe not to rely on 100% but to use as another way to help build your business.

The problem is most people do not know how to build websites. They do not know how to drive traffic to them. And for the most part they don’t want to learn.

The moral of the story……get yourself your own website for promoting your opportunity. How you apply it is up to you. Just be smart about it and don’t ignore offsite methods which would blend well with onsite dynamics.

How To Choose The Right Site Builder For Promoting Your Opportunity.

Web builders have been introduced primarily to service entrepreneurs who don’t know how to program in HTML or any other programming knowledge but still want control and flexibility that comes from creating and maintain their own website. Using a good web site builder can make your life much easier.

Before purchasing a site builder for promoting your opportunity you have to determine what your needs are. For those involved with a network marketing company that is fairly easy to narrow down. You need a site builder for building content, making sales, and attracting traffic. Building a website/business does take time so don’t expect your site to have staggering numbers overnight. Once you build keyword focused content pages and the search engine spiders find your site the numbers will improve. The key is to keep adding more content. Each content page is another door for your visitors to find you. So the more doors there are the more popular you become as long as you are using the keywords properly and providing value and being a solutions provider.

Free Trial Or Demo

Most site builders will offer a free trial but you will still need to make the purchase first. The 30 day money back free trial is common with site builders. The best site builders will pro rate their guarantee for up to a year. Usually they never have to return the money because they do as advertised. If you are new to building a website for promoting your opportunity this gives you a chance to take it for a test drive and try out the tools. Keep in mind there is a lot to learn even without the need to know HTML coding. It can get overwhelming so I suggest capitalizing on the full 30 days to be sure you are comfortable. You will not learn everything in 30 days but you will get a good feel for the software.

Does the site builder require you to use their templates or can you create your own?

A large number of site builders will force you to use their templates. There are reasons for this the main one being it enables the site builder to keep their rates down. Another is they want their templates branded so others recognize them as to belonging to their software package. If you have to use their templates you are pretty much stuck but if they offer a large selection you should find one that suits your needs. Some site builders will allow you to customize your template right down to graphics, headers, and footers. Remember a pretty site doesn’t drive traffic to your opportunity. Content and the tools do.

Do They Provide You With A Free Domain Name?

Most do but some don’t. Choosing the right domain name for your opportunity is much more important than your look and feel. Your domain name should be relevant to your sites theme and keyword focused. Choosing “your name”.com usually won’t drive traffic to your site. I like to use longtail words ( three-or-more-words) in my domain name and page titles and connect them with dashes as shown. That is a matter of choice. Some people prefer to use more generic words to be found. Longtail words are more targeted. A good site builder should explain what longtail words are and why they are so important.

Do They Give You Enough Disk Space for images?

Is There A Limit To The Number Of Pages That You Can Build?

How many Sites Can You Build With The Site Builder?

The answer to the above questions comes down mostly to bandwidth. Unlimited bandwidth is what you want. Unless you plan on keeping your site small which is not recommended for promoting your opportunity. Also check into their security system and data storage.

Customer Service

Guides And Tutorials

If you find the answers to the above questions as favorable you very well may have found a site builder for promoting your opportunity that fits your needs. Do your research and you will be well on your way to a web site builder that meets your needs and gives you quality, professional results at a reasonable price.

Site Builder Reviews For Promoting Your Opportunity.

Go Daddy – Website Tonight

Go Daddy offers a web builder that is called Website Tonight which comes with three plans of varying sizes. Each plan has different pricing options based on how far in advance you want to pay. The purchase of any one of these plans comes with free hosting but you still need to purchase your domain name which you can get for a discount.

Website Tonight is an online software package that operates using JavaScript which is more than enough to get a nice website built for promoting your opportunity. Building a 50 to 75 page website using this software should cause few problems. The main problem that Go Daddy has is when the sites reach the 100 page mark. Things start to go slow and if you are building your pages on the software rather than in a text editor the system may lose your work. This can be very frustrating. I always write my content in a text editor and save them to a file on my computer. Not only for Website Tonight but also for other web builders that I use as well as Squidoo and Hub Pages. It is safest, it has spell checker, and I can always have access to the pages in the event of an emergency.

GoDaddy has a great selection of templates to choose from and a large quantity of templates. You also have the ability to customize your templates to suit your wants and needs. For more experienced users you can insert your own HTML script.

Go Daddy’s customer service is more than above average. They address the issue and help solve problems in a friendly manner. I have had several occurrences to talk with them and my experiences were pleasant and more importantly my query was answered.

All in all Go Daddy is a good choice for promoting your opportunity. I would rate it as average as for site builders and once you get used to it its fairly easy to use.

Site BuildIt Review

The Cream of The Crop

Site Build It also referred to as SBI is all that it is advertised to be. Dr. Ken Envoy its creator has put together a massive set of tools in a user friendly software package that “gets the click”. SBI is famous for C-T-P-M. Content-Traffic-Presell-Monetize. SBI comes with a 10 day action guide which leads you down a path to building a profitable web business. SBI is a network marketers dream because it was originally built with mlmers in mind. Promoting your opportunity with SBI and utilizing the tools, tutorials, and guide is a recipe for success.

There is no website builder in the marketplace that gives you more detailed information about search engine optimization , building keyword focused content pages, and marketing. Before you even get started building your site and choosing a domain name SBI is taking you through a process using its famous Brainstorm It tool to figure out your sites concept, feasibility, and monetization potential.

Brainstorm It allows you to enter keywords (seed words) and comes up with your master keyword list. When you enter a seed you then check it laterally and vertically in Brainstorm It to come up with profitable keywords which form your site blueprint. These keywords have been checked for supply and demand and then rechecked for the number of times searched which leaves you with keyword profitability.

Once you trim down your master keyword list to 200 or more profitable keywords you move on to the site building process. Your master keyword list is now your site blueprint each keyword being a topic for a new page. As you build each page in SBI’s block building module and before you upload it the analyze It tool checks your page for keyword density. It then reports back to you where you need to make changes so it is optimized properly for the search engines. When your page passes the analyze it test your page is ready to be uploaded and go live on the internet. Using Brainstorm It properly thanks to its connection with wordtracker is a foolproof way of creating keyword focused content pages for promoting your opportunity.

SBI is not perfect though. One of the biggest complaints is newbies getting overwhelmed with too much information. I remember feeling that way myself. Personally I don’t see how too much information is a setback but SBI leaves no rock unturned. That is why following the action guide and understanding the tools

is critical, working at your own pace essential, and learning the theory behind it vital. There is one or more video tutorials at each day of the action guide,  which isn’t a bad thing. I prefer video tutorials over straight text anyway. It keeps me focused and tutorials are easier to comprehend.

I remember being skeptical about purchasing SBI and feeling that the cost was a little steep. I know better now since I’ve had the opportunity to see and use the tools. Comparing the cost of SBI  to the cost of a yearly subscription to wordtracker makes it a bargain. Wordtracker costs $329.00/yr. And SBI is only $299.00/yr. Plus it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and also pro rates the yearly fee if you choose not to use SBI past the 30 day deadline.

In a nut shell Site Build It is an excellent choice for promoting your opportunity, getting an education, and learning about search engine optimization.

One last tid bit. SBI owners are like one big fraternity. They are loyal to Site Built It, sensitive about Site Built It, and since 35% of SBI sites rank in the top 1% of all websites glad that they met Site Build It.

Blinkweb Review

Blinkweb is a new service that allows anyone to build a web site through point and click technology.

BlinkWeb is similar to Google Pages. You can create a multi-page site, choose a layout and template from their gallery, and drag and drop different components onto the pages. BlinkWeb has more features targeting Internet Marketers, though.

BlinkWeb right now consists of a contact form, a guest book, Google Maps integration for showing where an address is, Google Adsense integration, and a custom HTML widget. You can also include paragraphs, a paragraph with an attached title, images, and a paragraph with an image embedded in it, along with doing a two column layout for part of the page. You can also easily add in video and Flickr integration.

The templates available are limited right now. You might find something for promoting your opportunity, or you might not. The widgets available are also limited. They’re fine for basic sites, but you’ll have to use the custom HTML widget for anything more complicated.

One of the attractive points about BlinkWeb is that it offers a Sales Letter as a page type. These pages have a different templates, all modeled after typical Internet Marketing type sales pages. So putting up a simple sales page for promoting your opportunity with BlinkWeb is very easy.

Another type of page is a blog page. This provides the standard blog sorts of widgets and a sidebar. Of course, you can specify the typical SEO information, such as meta keywords and description, and the page title.

BlinkWeb is definitely targeted toward Internet Marketers. They offer a five day lesson in how to earn using BlinkWeb, which basically walks you through an overview of developing an information product and using BlinkWeb to create a sales site. They also provide a Facebook widget for promoting your opportunity on Facebook easily.

Promoting your opportunity can be done for free using BlinkWeb. So what does BlinkWeb get from it? In Day 5 of the lessons, they suggest you obtain a domain name instead of using a subdomain of The way you can use a domain of your own that’s built into BlinkWeb is to purchase web hosting from them. You get the domain itself for free, and web hosting at $1 for the first month and $14.95 a month after that.

BlinkWeb does do what it says. Anyone can make a web site with it, although you might need to figure out what to put into the meta keywords, etc. And, you can do it for free, and get your web site up and running and perfected before you make a decision on whether you want to pay $14.95 a month basically to use your own domain name with the site.

Having your own website for promoting your opportunity makes it easier for you to create multiple streams of income. Your network marketing company may not be thrilled that you are promoting your opportunity this way but it sure beats pounding the pavement, making cold calls, and dealing with rejection.


What is the best on-line job to pad an income w/ no big investment?

December 7th, 2012 3 comments

I am a Service Technician w/ a reputable company. I have been doing this job for 14 yrs. My wife now wrks. 2 jobs to help us out. She has RA. and I hate to see her work so much. I want to find her a computer based job that does not require a lot of computer based knowledge, let’s say turn key. I have seen that Survey’s can generate a good amount of income, and some others seemed good too. Can’t afford to invest in a big sum of $ to get started.

Lets cut though the haze and all these"really great" deals out there.Common sense would dictate that the best deal would offer, NO start up costs, NO selling of any kind including cyber information, and NO service to provide ever as well as saying so right up front!
Stay with me for a minute here.This is what is known as a paradigm shift.
There is a business that pays people to do just what they are doing every day without a downside, such as added cost or obligation. That doesn’t mean you get something for nothing, it only means someone else is getting a greater benefit and rewarding you to do what it is that you do every day.
Now, if you’re still with me I will ‘Give’ you a business, FR*EE! Complete with your own web site, all the training (very simple) , support material, and even administrate the business for you.This makes it a passive business with potential earnings of $2000-4000/mo every month and more.
If I told you all ,you would not believe me. There is a site that explains in detail how you can be in your own business within 20 minutes. If you are serious about more than just ‘extra income’, if 20 minutes of your time is worth the difference of changing your life, go to WWW.BABBOMALL.COM and watch the ‘Business Video’.
Remember: Imagination is the tool, Determination is the fuel!
Good luck and God bless

Check Search Engine Position

November 7th, 2011 No comments

CuteRank is 1 tool that will enable you to verify and monitor keyword rankings on varied search engines. These incorporate Bing, Yahoo, Google, AOL, and Ask. In other words, you would be in a position to assess what key phrases are famous or not in these search engines. In figuring out this information, you would be in a position know what key phrases to use for blogs. If you are carrying out properly, way more visitors will come to your web-site. If not, you would be in a position to devise approaches to strengthen.

CuteRank delivers a graph on keyword efficiency so that you would be in a position to analyze and strengthen your search engine ranking. This tool can be downloaded for zero cost but will only accommodate 1 webpage when the paid version can be made use of for various web-sites. Downloading this tool takes only a couple of seconds and will be quickly mounted in your PC. You just have to have to crucial in your sites URL and enter your key phrases, or you can also press the button that says Auto Detect Keyword to identify the key phrases from a meta tag. This tool will then quickly verify your keyword position on your desired search engine.

As this tool runs the check, you can do other factors on your PC. You will then be given the perfect URLs for the key phrases you inputted. This will support you in enhancing your webpage or weblog page all the way more. What is high quality about this tool is that it produces accurate final results. Users also claim it is an convenient and enjoyable way to check your ranking on a search engine. It also provides you an notion on what to do and what promoting tool to use to get targeted traffic to your web-site.

When you get this zero cost promoting tool, you will be in a position to analyze 1 webpage. With the Pro or paid package, you can analyze unlimited quantity of web-sites. Aside from this, you would be in a position to inspect your reports and manage your key phrases appropriately. The most valuable benefit is you would be in a position to see if your webpage rating has improved or not from the last time you checked. The Pro version of this keyword checker is ideally for home business purposes considering of its capacity to assess most web pages.

It is a identified truth that applying the perfect key phrases will enable you to be way more visible and accessible on the net. It will strengthen your probabilities of getting in the best result search engine pages. When you have a high ranking in these search engines, you are confident to be observed by most many people who have to have a item and service like yours. In spite of this, if you spam your webpage with too most key phrases, search engines like Google will not like this and might possibly ban you from their database. They considerably prefer that a webpage has high-excellent content material. Keyword investigation is for this reason valuable in web based promoting. You have to have to know what the perfect key phrases many people use in their web based inquiries.

That is why CuteRank is crucial considering it will support you in your keyword investigation and analysis.