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How do you start your own online business?

December 31st, 2012 8 comments

If any ideas, please help.
You can e-mail me if you want to tell me something personal(like a story or something).
I will be glad to read it and learn someting new.
Thanks a bunch.
Your friend.

I am sure you have an idea or product or service in your mind. According to the marketing genius, Seth Godin, everybody is an expert in some field. I have successfully started my online business on Squidoo. It is the best place for anybody to show his talent or to sell anything plus it gets good traffic if one follows the instructions and advice.

Read what Seth has to say:
" People are looking for you.

It’s easy.No IT department. No programming. No credit cards.

It’s all about the community.

You can generate income and traffic

You can raise money for charity

You can sell stuff

You can sell stuff from eBay too

The Best Reason of All :

Your lens can show people the way
You can use your lens to share your expertise and light a path for people looking for something online.
You can highlight the best websites
You can teach people about a concept
You can do a poll to gauge what people think
You can highlight an eBay auction
You can point people to political action opportunities
You can establish your identity
You can make a difference "

All it takes to make a Squidoo Lens (i.e., website) is hardly 5 minutes!

You can consider one of these topics:

– Buying
– Insurance
– Loans
– Repair
– Audio Systems
– Car Rims
– Internet Dating
– Dating Advice
– Attraction
– Seduction
– Breeding
– Grooming
– Ownership
– Student Loans
– Grants
– Home Mortgage/Loans
– Gaming
– Poker/Texas Hold’Em Home
Home Business Ideas
Interior Design
– Alternative Medicine
– Homeopathic Medicine Travel
Las Vegas
– Family Vacations
– Hotels Video Games
– Dresses
– Planning
– Invitations

It normally takes 2 to 3 months to start getting a decent traffic to your lens. You get paid monthly depending upon the performance of your lens. There is no limit to the number of lenses you publish.

The following tips deserve attention:

1. Choose your lens name carefully. Try Google’s Keyword Tool for help since there should be good traffic for your chosen niche. Check with Word Tracker too for traffic count.

2. Use tag cloud generator to find appropriate tags or keyphrases.

3. Estimate Keyword Difficulty with SEO Tools.

4. Get keyword / keyphrase synonyms using Google & Yahoo Suggestions. Check their traffic with Word Tracker.

5. Build your lens using good title – 5 to 7 words starting with the niche keyword / keyphrase.

6. Write a good intro starting with niche keyword / keyphrase in bold and other major / minor keywords / keyphrases.

7. Split the content into different sub-topics.

8. Use relevant ads from eBay, Amazon etc. (which are available as modules in any lens).

9. Use Plexo links using relevant quality content.

10. Start a blog on the same topic on Blogger, Word Press etc. and regularly update them with link to your lens.

11. Use promotional tools like Flickr and some social bookmarking / networking sites.

12. Use OnlyWire to ping your blog.

13. Write articles on the same topic and publish in ezines like EzineArticles, GoArticles etc.

14. Not but not the least join relevant forums and keep inter-acting without spamming.

I think this should solve your difficulty.

You may be interested to know that one lensmaster made $ 1000 in a month only from one lens!

I want to make money online and I have a lot of time on my hands. Best way?

December 29th, 2012 8 comments

I have a lot of time on my hands at the moment and I spend a lot of time in front of my computer. How can I use my time to generate an income online? Without filling out a lot of silly surveys. I would like an actual income from my time online.

So does my father, who lives in a nursing home and in five years, trying over 200 sites, the most he made was $5.

Why not consider starting your own “Green Friendly” business that can be done using a bicycle with a few tools. My sister did this while going to college. Here is an article on it. Due to the limit on the number of characters you can put into these answer boxes, I cannot simply copy it into here.

What are good jobs for inquisitive people?

December 27th, 2012 1 comment

I am inquisitive and it makes it difficult for me to select a major/career. I am very interested in history, law, all types of science, math, english, and any other subject you eventually study in high school.

Since I am naturally curious, I like to find as many facts, solutions to issues, problems, as much as I can. Usually, this tends to be about either history or science.

I would like a career that somehow involves this. (research on many topics, finding solutions to issues, and applying them and possibly new theories)

What are some possible careers I should consider?

just a thought try bloging

1.Signup to be a Contributor
Where your voice joins the world’s conversations. The Yahoo! Contributor Network allows writers, photographers, and videographers to share their knowledge and passion …

2.A blog, which combines the words "web" and "log," is a public online forum in which one or more bloggers (writers) maintains a regular schedule of writings designed to bring visitors to the blog. It’s possible to make a living as a professional blogger by attracting enough visitors to the and generating income, typically through visitors’ clicking on advertisements. The key to becoming a blogger on a professional level is the ability to write and entertain, as well as maintain as many blogs as you can manage.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Write down several ideas for topics that you feel might attract visitors. There’s no right or wrong subject to cover on a blog, but certain topics are more popular than others. This can vary all the time, so it is important to be aware of the blogs that seem most successful. A blog that gets no visitors will not generate any income. Select a subject you’ll enjoy writing about regularly. Just talking about yourself day after day is not likely to make your blog professional, unless you can put an entertaining spin on your presentation. Sports, music, how to earn money from home and health are examples of subjects you can cover.

Sign up for a blog account. There are a lot of blog hosting websites to choose from (see Resources). These services offer built-in tools to let you compose your blog, upload images and subscribe to RSS feeds. The RSS feeds are necessary because these are like news feeds. They notify people of your new blog posts and can bring in visitors.

Sign up for a "pay-per-click" account by visiting a site such as Google Adsense (see Resources). This is the primary source of income for bloggers. The service places random ads on your blog as closely related to your blog’s subject matter as possible. These systems are easy to set up and generate income for you each time your visitors click on the ads (particularly if a purchase results from a click that originates from your blog). The pay-per-click service calculates your generated income and sends you money your blog has earned.

Write your blog. Blogs are typically entries in reverse chronological order, with previous months’ posts archived for visitors to read if they desire. Your blog should include news and commentary related to the subject of your blog. Personal views are welcome. Inject your personality into your posts to develop a following. Give visitors a reason to come to your blog for the information rather than a similar blog.

Respond to posts your visitors leave on your blog. A good blog is interactive. You won’t be able to respond to every post, but engage as many of the posters on your blog as you can. The more interaction you generate, the more active your blog will be

Read more: How to Become a Professional Blogger |

What is the best affiliate program for Six Sigma Product and Training?

December 25th, 2012 1 comment

I am a practitioner in the field of manufacturing and quality development company. Want to find the product for quality improvement in the form of quality tools, books, and training associated with Six Sigma, TQM, 5s and lean manufacturing management.
It also wants to become an affiliate for the above programs. anyone can help?

My business webs:

Affiliate programs can be a big source of revenue. The key to maximizing your earnings is engaging your readers. Unlike traditional ads where you are paid for impressions or clicks, affiliates are only paid when/if a specific action is performed. The action might be a purchase or signing up for a newsletter, but regardless, you are not paid until you’ve compelled your readers to act.
Try and generates an instant income for you by using this tool.

What is the best programme to use to create a Website?

December 23rd, 2012 9 comments

I am making a website and i have been using notepad but can’t be bothered to keep typing. Is there any kind of website that is good to use?

Hello, : D

If you want to create a website that makes money, I think the best programme to use is Site Build It! (SBI!) :…

SBI! is the only all-in-one site-building, site-hosting, and site-marketing product that makes it easy for anyone to build a professional, popular, and profitable business.
After putting in some work (this is not a Get-Rich-Quick scheme), many people who use it were able to quit jobs they didn’t like and enjoy their lives. Many even earn money as they sleep. I think SBI! is the most cost and time efficient and user friendly tool available for making a profitable website/business.

I am just getting started with SBI!, and so far, I am very impressed. Within 2 hours after I introduced myself in the SBI! forum, 3 people had welcomed me to SBI! I love how friendly and helpful everyone is. The SBI! forum is probably the most well maintained, highest quality forum I have ever used.

The "teacher" of the SBI! course is an "action guide" that walks you through everything you need to know. There is a written action guide and a video action guide. Both are well put together and easy to follow. You can choose if you want to use the written action guide or the video action guide. Or you can use both. SBI! recommends you use both. You can even customize the video action guide. You can choose between two different voices. One is a young, friendly, traditional female voice that is often chosen as the operator in phone calls. The other voice is a man with a non-American accent who is more "emotionally expressive".

Before I bought SBI!, I sent a question to Sitesell (the company that created and runs SBI!). I was assigned to a successful SBI! user who would stay with me until I decided whether or not SBI! would right for me. I got a very thorough answer to my question.

One thing I really like about SBI! is that you don’t need to know HTML, FTP, CGI, and you don’t need any graphic or programming skills to use it. SBI! makes it easy for anyone, regardless of their business and level of "Net-saviness", to create their own income-generating website/business as long as they have a Brain and Motivation (SBI! calls it "BAM") . And SBI! users have an outstanding success rate. Check out the website listed above to see for yourself.

I think I made an excellent investment when I bought SBI! I will make a significant income by developing a website about a topic I am interested in. I am really excited about my new adventure.

I am happy to share this wonderful tool with you.

All the best and enjoy your day! : D

Steven Garfield-Turner

What Is The Best Way To Make Money On Line That Is Long Term?

December 22nd, 2012 7 comments

I need to a thorough explanation of how i can get online and make alot of money that lasts for a long time…residual income! Im not looking for any schemes or get rich quick ideas but more like a solid online business plan/method that actually generates alot of money for the long term!

The best thing you could do is to sell a product that ALOT of people want. now that is easier said than done because first you have to find out what people want. Then you have to find out if they are willing to pay for it. Then you need to know is there already people selling it. And so on….

Well basically I stumbled across this company called clickbank and they allow you to sell other peoples products and get a portion of the sell normally about $40 or more so do the math if you sell to just 100 people you’ve already made $4,000 easily.

The problem is that this stuff has a learning curve and YOU WILL lose alot of money if you go at it alone, without the proper training.

So the best thing I can do for you is refer you to

This is an awesome site that will give you ALL the training you need in order to make selling clickbank items a full time job. They also give you free tools and bonuses that help you make money even quicker so if you are trying to make long term money you need to buy cb cash.

Oh yeah, they also are geared to recurring income products..this means they will teach you how to sell products that give you money month after month. so if you are promoting just 5 products a month you could easily be making anywhere from $10,000 – $20,000 per month i highly suggest you give a look at .

What is needed to use multilevel as a sales tool?

December 19th, 2012 1 comment

At my company we have several products as well as services that would fit perfectly with the multilevel networking sales processes.

1.- How much should we give to every person for every product that he/she sells?
2.- What are the advantages/disadvantages with this kind of process?
3.- For every product sold, every person within the networking how much money or percentage of the fee shall receive?

I have plenty of questions and so little space to write them on, i’m very interested in putting this into my company, I’m not looking to acquire products from an existent networking company.


How effective this will be depends a great deal on the nature of the product or service. I’ve been in several "plans" and my dad was in Amway, always having meetings. I’ve still got a firm belief that there are GREAT benefits to this type of structure and that it is not necessarily a "scheme". For example, isn’t it better to reward distributors instead of giving millions of dollars to advertising companies? I’d rather see the "underdog" rewarded for loyalty to a brand or product, than billions going to the next thing about to interrupt my favorite TV program.

The key, and the greatest potential flaw, is that the distributors/affiliates have proper training, especially in what sales techniques to avoid. For example, a potential downfall to an online business would be your website becoming a well-known source of SPAM as money-hungry affiates start promoting the product in all the most inappropriate, off-topic places.

This is true in the real world too. How many people have gone to Amway or Tupperware parties just to support their friend, and then avoid future contact because you know it will end in some sort of sales pitch? Word of mouth is great, but not if it turns distributors into some sort of social paria. I’ve actually seen Amway leaders telling new distributors that if their friend isn’t interested in a better life through their business opportunity, then they shouldn’t waste time with that friend anymore. Sounds more like a cult than a business to me.

So on to some actual TIPS…

Make sure that, after all the commissions and multi-level rewards, you still have a product that, at the stated retail price, is something viable that a consumer would buy even if they were not interested in "joining the business". Because this is one area where many MLM plans have a bad reputation.

Then there’s the promise of income. People join because they see this neat structure where they tell 5 friends and THEY tell five friends and they tell THEIR five friends, then wow! That’s 5 x 5 x 5 or 125 customers already! When THEY tell 5 friends that makes 625. Pretty soon if you go down deep enough in the structure you’re getting commissions on millions of sales.

There is only one problem with that economic model… pretty soon you will run out of people, because (thankfully) we don’t breed that fast.

One solution to this, which I plan on implementing in an affiliate system (I’m a web programmer) is a way to turn the structure on it’s head. Have release dates for new products, and when a new product comes out, the LAST people to join are given the FIRST opportunity to sign on to the new product. In effect, each product has it’s own unique MLM plan attached. I’m not sure how workable this will be, but the complexity should not be too much to handle when the whole thing is computer-automated.

So to sum up (for now), it seems that the ideal product for this would be one that had an extremely low production and distribution cost (downloadable online software or web access for example), something that could generate REPEAT as opposed to ONE-TIME sales, and that could still be sold at a competitive, even bargain, price, such that closing a sale would be almost a no-brainer.

I’d love to expand on this already somewhat-lengthy answer with anyone who has an interest. See my Yahoo Group, MLM Strategies…

What are people supposed to be doing when the get laid off. The unemployment is now 12% in my city.?

December 17th, 2012 4 comments

People are not doing anything, and the unemployment keeps rising. Are we going to have to create a bread and circus like Rome did just to avoid people from becoming criminals. ‘Idle hands are the Devil’s tools."

It isn’t a one response fits all type of deal. People have varying amounts of savings and/or investments (i.e., a house) that can be leveraged until finding another job, retraining for in-demand jobs, starting a small business or nonprofit firm, etc. Other factors also impact a decision, i.e. marital status, parenting obligations, age & flexibility to move to a new city or to survive on a lesser or part-time income until finding a full-time job. People with numerous years experience might find a government job or temporarily move to another city where they can more quickly find work and maybe stay with a friend/family member there until restabilizing either back in your hometown, or in the new location. The trick is to be flexible, strategic and to think creatively about ways to generate income during the transition. Everybody has the ability to capitalize on whatever strengths/assets you have and generate a little income. For instance, if you have a car, offer to run errands – put up flyers in places where large #s of folks don’t have cars, i.e. college campuses, seniors living environments. Or, offer to do project work by computer for folks who don’t have computer skills or time to do it themselves. Offer to walk dogs, babysit, clean houses, wash cars, tutor, teach a skill, etc. Look around your house for things you no longer use/need and list them for sale on craigslist, in your local paper, Ebay, etc. Sign up with all the local temp agencies. Network, network, network…. and network – get involved in activities that bring you in contact with new groups of people, and ask friends/family to pass along your resume to people who they know.

How can I make money with Twitter?

December 15th, 2012 3 comments

I just joined Twitter about two weeks ago and I have yet to see where I can make money with it. Am I not seeing something? I put my blog posts on my feed and I have about 1,000 friends so far. but I have not seen any extra income from being on Twitter. Have do you make money with Twitter?

I subscribe to Matt Bacak’s Internet Marketing Dirt newsletter and he had an article in it a little while back about how you can make money with Twitter. He basically said it was not as effective for generating income as people think it is. People are gung-ho about social media now and they get caught up in the thrill of meeting other people and connecting. But what you don’t realize is that most of the people on Twitter are just like you and are trying to make money, so they are not going to make you any money because most of them are broke!

I recommend that you can stay on Twitter if you want just to make friends and connections with people, but don’t use it as a marketing tool. If you want to make money with Twitter, then come up with a product that people will buy about making money with Twitter as that is the only way you will do it.

I have found that article marketing is the best way to make money off of blogs and websites. I outsource all my writing and then submit an article to the directories about every 2-3 days. After about a month of this, you will start seeing a substantial increase of traffic to your site. Also, finding forums to post to on your niche is a great way to market your site as well. If you want to learn more about Matt Bacak’s newsletter, check out and good luck!

How can I generate an xtra income??? any ideas as far as selling clothing, jewelry, purses, ect?

December 13th, 2012 2 comments

I’m open to any ideas (PLEASE NO IGNORANT RESPONSES!)
I’ve been to cashcrate no avail I dont think its for me maybe I wasn’t to patient with everything that i had to do

here is a way to generate great income and get in great shape for $200 bux!

Buy a used lawn mower for $75 and a used leaf blower for $40 and a used hedge trimmer for $40 invest $10 in gas and $10 in printing to put flyers all over your town and free adds in craigslist and kijiji and another $10 for a local paper advert and another $15 for some simple tools, screw drivers, wrenches, WD40, duct tape, zip ties, twine and a box cutter. now you are in the lawn care business.

start out either doing lawns within push/walk distance until you get another $200 and buy an awesome Menard’s trailer for $200 or start out small, buy a used lawn mower for $75 and a used trailer for $100 and $25 for advertising and then get to work!

good luck!