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Does anyone know around how much skilled carpenters are paid in Italy? How is their economy compared to ours?

November 29th, 2012 1 comment

I need to know if we can make a living there, we are moving to the northwest side of Italy (Genova area) and my husband is a skilled carpenter, I know around how much cost of living is, but I need a rough estimate of the amount of income we should expect to generate? Has anyone lived there, or knows someone who lived/lives there? How is thier financial situation? Thank you for the help… I worry!

Province of Como or most northern regions of Italy are considered more affluent and consequently,the workers gain higher salaries to support the higher cost of living.

Self-employed people may wish to join the Unione di Commercio, which provides a range of information and assistance for the self-employed .

Please consult the website cited below, to learn more. I hope that yr husband has applied for the proper authorizations and license required for a sole trader or self-employed individual.
Note: You should never be tempted to start work before you’re registered, for which there are stiff penalties, which may include a large fine, confiscation of machinery or tools, deportation and even a ban from entering Italy for a number of years.

Good Luck.

What is the best free program to use to design a website?

November 27th, 2012 5 comments

I want to design a website and also want to include advertising on the site to help generate an income from it to help provide cash for my overseas visits.

It depends what you want to do and how technical you want to get.

You need to think about the design of your website and that is done either using a graphics program or just plain old fashioned pen and paper. Take a look around some sites – you’ll find a simple design usually looks more professional.

As to creating and editing your site…

There are things called content management systems, which includes WordPress, Mambo, Joomla! – – which lets non-technical users put together a site very quickly. These programs also depend on having PHP and MySQL installed on the server they run from which may be a problem.

If you’re more interested in learning the underlying HTML, CSS, XML or whatever, then a WYSIWYG editor is a good place to start, FrontPage Express was given away with some versions of Windows and although old may be still useful. –

NVU is free but is now superceeded by KompoZer – which produces W3C compliant code.

Ther is also which I like.

These WYSIWYG editors are good in that the split view (the screen shows both the code and the design) shows instantly what changes to the code does to the design.

There’s an ongoing and largely boring debate (as in my browser is better than yours and Linux vs Windows) among developers as to whether you should use WYSIWYG tools or just use a text editor to prodcue the page codes. Once you know a little CSS, JavaScript, HTML then using a text editor can be quicker, but if you’re a beginner you may find it extremely frustrating.

As for the advertising, Googles AdSense seems easiest to use –

What are the best selling items to sell from your own website?

November 25th, 2012 3 comments

I hear that if I can build a website that I can make money doing so. I have NO idea what it is that I should sell that I would have in my house! I don’t have inventory nor do I know HOW to start something like that. I figure if I could build a website and charge 9.99 per person a month or whatever it may be that it could bring in some great income from home! Anybody have any suggestions or some knowledge in this area?


You have a number of questions rolled into one.

First to make an income you would need a hosted site. You need a web host.
They supply all the tools you need, unlimited space, emails, and the best apps to create the site, forum, blogs.
The search engines will find you for whatever your website is about.

Next you put things on your website to generate cash. You can start with Google Adsense. You get little ads to put on your site, if anyone clicks you get a commission.

You can also check out, and
These all involve ads and getting money if someone clicks them.

Then you mentioned membership. If your website has something people are willing to pay for, great, that will work. You just set up user names and logins for those that pay.

But first you need a web host. Its cheap. Only about 40.00

Good Luck

What are the top five paying non college requiring jobs right now?

November 22nd, 2012 1 comment

I’m just wondering what the highest paying jobs are out there that require the least amount of schooling or long term training to enter? Approximately what kind of annual income does each profession generate? Thanks in advance?

railroad and ship workers ($41,415),
supervisors of precision production workers ($39,600), purchasing agents ($39,506)
police officers ($38,301)
electrical/electronic equipment repairers ($37,223),
mail carriers ($35,369)
tool and die makers ($34,587)
plumbers ($34,531)
electricians ($34,080)
automobile salespersons ($33,560)
fire fighters ($33,125)
engineering technicians ($33,000).
Just to name a few!!!!

What kind of grants or available for veterans wanting to start a small business?

November 20th, 2012 4 comments

My father in law wants to start his own business doing what he has done for 15 years, he is a veteran of the U.S. Army. Any links with tools for a starting and or maintaining a small business would be greatly appreciated thank you all in advance.

Crossing over from hobby to small business can be tough. It is a nice feather in the cap that he has been doing this for 15 years though. With the proper steps, he will be able to get this from his basement and into the mainstream business market.

He will need to do some heavy research if what he is doing actually has a market to generate income. Employees, taxes etc.. all need to be looked at in depth…

What is a channel when setting up adsense on your blog through google? How do you find a channel?

November 18th, 2012 1 comment

I recently set up my blogs and I’m looking to post ads to generate some income. I also what to get my blog out there for people to read.

Channel is your way to organize your content to see which ones actually bring in the most traffic

For example, given my type of website, I have several types of channels:

Channel by ad format: to give you an idea of which ad format and what placement can give you the best revenue

– channel for 486×60 banner,
– channel for wide skyscraper
– channel for medium rectangle above the fold
– channel for medium rectangle below the article
– channel for ad links
– channel for search
– channel for video unit

Channel by topic

Channel by URL – works for specific sections of website, and works if you maintain several websites or blogs to clearly identify which are the best performing

Start by reading this Adsense Help: What are channels?

If you have your Adsense integrated with Google Analytics (I think only some publishers have been given this tool), then you can see how EACH page perform in terms of click throughs, revenues, etc. This is hard to do with channels if you’ve got a lot of pages as you are limited to 200 channels (though some publishers have been allowed to have 500 channels)

How much money would i need to start up my own construction company?

November 16th, 2012 1 comment

I have a great business idea and I was wondering about how much money i would need to get things started. How much would i need to cover my first few months before i start generating income?

as little as $5,000

just get an old truck, a few tools from garage sales or estate sales, word of mouth advertising, advertize on craigslist.

Godd luck buddy!!!

Are there any Twitter tools that can help me increase traffic to my websites and make more money?

November 14th, 2012 1 comment

I have heard that Twitter is a great way to increase traffic to your website to make more money. Are there any good Twitter tools that can help me do this so that I can make the most out if Twitter and not waste time on it?

There are some auto post Twitter tools that can help you plan out your tweets so that you can draw attention to your website. There are also Twitter tools that help you find people to follow that may have interest in your website.

Truthfully though, the best way to use Twitter is to use it as you would networking in person. If you think about it, most of the people who are on Twitter are trying to make a living online just like you, and unless you are offering products about making a living online or working from home and things of that nature, you probably will not see that much money come from your Twitter work.

But, Twitter is a good networking tool to make connections and possible partnerships with others in your niche and to learn new things, so look at Twitter that way instead of simply the income value. Check out for more info on Twitter and social media sites. He has some excellent advice on how to utilize various marketing strategies in order to get your sites generating income.

How to make a steady income from a website?

November 12th, 2012 4 comments

I am a high school student and am great at web development. I have all the knowledge to make a website, I simply lack the idea. What is a great website that I could create that could generate about $2,000 a month to live off of?

To be perfectly honest, it’s going to be hard for you to earn that much to start off with. Your best chance at making any money whatsoever is to design a site that targets a specific audience. Once you think your site is presentable, and unique, do your best to promote it.

Before you go any further, do as much SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as possible. This includes META tags, backlinks, submitting an XML sitemap to search engines etc. For more info, read this guide:

some useful tools are here:

Any website used to make money has to be promoted in some way. I advertise on Facebook because my websites target audience is teenagers.

I also use google adwords:

These ad systems work on a pay-per-click system, so each time your ad is clicked by a user, you pay accordingly.

Remember, to begin with, this will cost you a fair bit of money, but once your website becomes popular, you will be earning more. Income from websites is not easy to come by 🙂

Popular media today has become the tool to demoralize the cultural ethics and value of the common citizen?

November 10th, 2012 1 comment

Thesis statement for the persuasive speech-duration 3-5 minutes: Popular media today has become the tool to demoralize the cultural ethics and value of the common citizen of any nation.
I can either choose the "for" or "against" side for this statement (proposition or opposition) for their argument
Can you guys out there help me with making a presentation speech on the above mentioned topic?

Popular media today is firstly aimed at generating as much income as possible and if publishing junk stories is a reliable way to achieve that primary aim then that is the means used.
Popular media today has in many instances a secondary objective to gain power and influence over government and publishes or does not publish stories with the intention of gaining more of that influence.