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True Web Searching Tools For Business “Turf”!

Searching for specific business related information on the Web, using specialized high precision searching tools, can “Turn Up Real Finds (TURF)”! But, where do you find the business specific tools you need? How can you tell if you are getting the most that can be expected from the Web? Here is how I solved the problem.

An Expanding Universe Of Information

There are more than 56 million Web sites out there, and the number is growing every day. This means billions of Web pages and trillions of words. The WWW is fast becoming a universe.

Now, every Web surfer will search the Web for something, often many times per day. Some will spend hours searching and often end up not quite finding what they were looking for.

In spite of the increasing power of the search engines, the keyword expressions we use (one to three words, on average) only manage to scratch the surface of what is available out there on the Web.

The amount of information we get back is often overwhelming, and only vaguely relevant. When we try to refine our search … we often find that we have drifted away from our goal.

This situation is annoying, when not downright frustrating.

Information Is Vital To Business

You cannot run a business, any size of business, with search tools and methods that give such uncertain results.

From brainstorming ideas, to identifying the competition and investigating legal issues, you need fast, reliable access to verifiable information you can count on.

Obviously, you need more than whatever you can extract from general purpose search engines.

Tools To Mine The Web

You and your business need a web searching tool set designed specifically to find the business information you need in a timely, effective, and efficient manner.

The good news is that these specialized search tools already exist. Yes, they are all available on the Web. New ones even pop up almost every week! Most of them are freely accessible too!

The bad news is that there are hundreds of them … and they are not all equally reliable or easy to use! Sure, you can find them yourself … given time and determination. You can test, and learn how to use each one, personally. During this time, you will be learning a lot about Web searching … and about the depth of your resolve!

Meanwhile, this self-imposed apprenticeship will not let you attend to business as you should.

I let the experts spend their time and energy on finding and testing Web searching tools. They have their own reasons for doing that kind of work. I am not in the business of finding and testing tools. Besides, I do not have the expertise, nor the time.

By supplying me with fully tested and approved Web searching tools for my business, they win my respect and patronage. I win precious time, which I spend taking full advantage of the information gems I discover using their best Web searching tools. My business is well fed with the highly focused, and reliable information it requires to grow safely.

That’s what I call taking care of business. I can truly mind my own business, because the Web searching tool set I use can definitely “TURF”!

Claude Jollet

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