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Information Regarding Search Tools Web Search Tools Downloads

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Search Engine Optimization, usually abbreviated to the initials “SEO”, is the process of working on a web site in order that the web site comes up higher in the search listings when people search on relevant keywords that describe the content of the site. The purpose of this effort is to get more interested visitors (“targeted traffic”) to the web site, and in the case of a business site, to increase the web site’s revenue, whether it is revenue derived from selling products and services, or earned through advertising or affiliate commissions.

One of the most attractive things about search engine optimization is that unlikely advertising using AdWords or pay-per-click search engine, there is no cost associated with each individual visitor to your site. This means, a successful SEO campaign can be extremely profitable. However, there is also a negative aspect of this – it can be hard to predict the returns from search engine marketing. Indeed, it is even possible to spend a lot of time and money on SEO activities, but for these to generate no extra traffic, and in extreme cases, to even worse your existing search engine rankings.

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