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Information Regarding Internet Search Tools

November 17th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Keyword search tools are important to any Internet Marketing campaign. Promoting a niche on the internet is much more effective if you optimize your keywords. There are a few players in the keyword search tools market some of these tools are free but come with a hook. The only truly free player in the market is Google with their AdWords keyword research tool.

Keyword search tools help you to determine the terms that people are searching. Interested in the area of Tennis? Type in the search term and enter the captcha code. The search results are displayed. This will show you the relative competition in a bar graph, the global and local search traffic and a bar graph indicating the local search trends. It would seem for our example that tennis is searched about 16 million times a month. There are additional items related to the word “tennis” that indicate some good search volume as well. Table Tennis seems to have a good search volume. Entering this term into the keyword search tools search box returns information for table tennis and ping pong. This narrows the focus of our search to a smaller audience and looks at terms that are less generalized.

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