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SEO Elite Software Review

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SEO Elite is a search engine optimization software product designed to get user’s websites to the top of the search engines. Unlike most SEO tools, SEO Elite appears to be created for the average webmaster. The interface is very straightforward and built with a sort of “wizard-like” appearance.

There are 8 main project types within SEO Elite. Each project type represents an entirely new software product. So, essentially SEO Elite includes 8 software programs, all rolled into 1. The project types are as follows:

1. Analyze backlinks using a specified search engine

2. Get links to your website

3. Analyze allinanchor, allintitle, and allintext

4. Verify that link partners are still linking back

5. Find where your website is ranked in the search engines

6. Find how many pages are indexed

7. Find possible authority websites

8. Submit your article to article directories

For the most part, each project type is self-explanatory, but I will do my best to briefly explain each project type in our review below:

Project 1 review: Analyze backlinks using a specified search engine

The purpose of this project is to spy on your competition in order to see who is linking to them and exactly how they’re doing it. The theory here is that the search engines rank websites based primarily on the quality and quantity of sites linking the particular site in question. If the website has more quality links than another site, it will rank higher. With this SEO Elite project, you can quickly see who is linking to whatever site you enter into the software.

Project 2 review: Get links to your website

The purpose of this project is to do just that… Get links to your website. In order to rank higher in the search engines, you need websites to link to you. This project allows you to find quality websites and gathers their contact information, and then allows you to contact them from directly within the software… cutting down on the time it takes you to contact the potential link partner.

Project 3 review: Analyze allinanchor, allintext, and allintitle

This project type allows you to compare, side by side, the regular search results for a given keyword, as compared to Google’s advanced search criteria.

Project 4 review: Monitor whether link partners are still linking back

This project type allows you to input a links page on your website and SEO Elite will then visit each link partner on that page and will tell you whether or not they are still linking back to your site. We’ve found that many times link partners will just remove your link without you knowing.

Project 5 review: Monitor where your site is ranked in the SE’s

This project is a neat one in that it allows you to see where your site ranks for as many different keyword phrases as you want. SEO Elite also gives you a very nice little graph that visually shows rises and drops in ranking.

Project 6 review: Find out how many pages are indexed

You can input either your website or a competitor’s website and see how many of the website’s pages have been indexed by all of the major search engines. You can also see which pages, and the PR and Alexa rank of those pages.

Project 7 review: Find possible authority websites

I personally like this project type the most. You can input a keyword and SEO Elite will compare all of the top ranked website’s links and will tell you which are “common links” between all of the websites. Those common links are potential authority websites and ones that you should approach for a link exchange of some sort. A link from those sites will help your ranking the most.

Project 8 review: Submit your article to article directories

There are entire software applications that do nothing but submit your articles to article directories. What’s cool about this project type is that it’s essentially a $100+ program al rolled into 1 project type. There are roughly 50 article directories within SEO Elite and this project type steps you through submitting to the directories in a very straightforward, easy way.

To conclude our review of SEO Elite, I would say that it is a solid program that was easy to use. There was a manual that came with this software, as well as many tutorial videos… but to be honest, the software was so straightforward, we found ourselves not really needing to read any help guides etc. SEO Elite gets two thumbs up.

Looking for a great SEO Elite Review Please visit http://www.seoelite.com/testimonials.htm and read all the positive SEO Elite Customer Reviews to understand the power of this great software.

Groshan Fabiola

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