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SEO 2008 Latest SEO Tools and Tips

Search engine optimization 2008

¬†After studying the complete analysis of market trends, competitor’s strategies and the opinion of SEO/SEM experts, the following SEO Techniques required for the Internet Marketing Strategy that improve the page rank. Always keep remember that it’s not a one day process, to improve the page rank be patient for long time, if you applied tactics or tricks then might be possible that your site gain highest page rank soon but only for short term must remember that Unethical Optimization is only for short term and can cause website banned from search engine.

On Page Optimization:

  • Domain Name – Short names are easier to remember ! Include short Primary Keywords ! without hyphens if possible.
  • Domain Extension – .com or .net For the Global Market. Use .co.uk for UK Country specific traffic. If web is not specific then .com will be the best.
  • Host Location – If you’re attracting UK business then host is in the UK.
  • URL Names – include relevant keywords – unique to each page.
  • Navigation Structure – Keep it simple and user friendly.
  • Meta TagsTitle and Description. – Unique detail for each page, related to page content.
  • H1 Tags – Use for the short on page content description.
  • H2 and H3 Tags– Use for Headings for sub category’s within the Content
  • Page Content – Critical Component. Update the content with the passage of time Google love it. Don’t hide any content & don’t use too small font size.
  • Keyword Visibility – Within page Content.
  • Image Alt Tags – Helps with Accessibility.
  • Privacy Policy – Assures trust and confidentiality.
  • The site should confirm to the W3C standards.
  • Create and submit sitemap’s – formatted in either .xml -.htm – .txt.
  • Write Testimonials that are worth using.

  • Success Stories: Add a link of Success Stories on Home Page.

  • Robots.txt – A file which permits or denies access to robots or crawlers to areas of your site.

Off Page Optimization:

  • Utilize relevant Social Networks and Forums related to your Market Sector.
  • Create and submit RSS Feeds to relevant feed directory’s
  • Create and submit Articles. This is one way links which promote the website.
  • Create and submit the Press Releases on every event.
  • Utilize Blog sites relevant to your Market Sector. Also respond the comments.
  • Attract new audiences with your own Podcasts.

  • Create a NEWS section and try to update news daily basis otherwise at least weekly basis in the start.
  • Publish a lively, useful Newsletter.

  • Find relevant websites within the same market sector or niche and form a Link Partnership.
  • Submit your website to relevant or industry related Link Directory’s.
  • All link exchange should be formed by utilising relevant keyword Anchor Text. Don’t link yourself with page rank 0 webs.

In earlier the meta tag and multiple use of keyword (such type of techniques) will enhance the page rank. But now the Search engines are too much intelligent that only these techniques are not enough to get the top rank. The latest research of SEO experts says that link building (One way or exchange) and the Social Networking (submission of articles, blogs, Press releases, Forums and news updates) are necessary. In last year’s those websites which improve their link building & social network will improve more consistently.


SEO & SEM Latest Research updates: 2008 by Husnain Haider

Husnain Haider

  1. Ohpc H
    June 1st, 2012 at 19:02 | #1

    Computering tips (Repost to advertise this guide freely)?
    Opinion : Well,it’s troublesome doing all these steps to maintain a clean computer,the worst is,when the user doesn’t know that his/her computer is infected. Cause not all harmful stuffs has Obvious Symptoms.
    Basic Browser Setting

    Browser – Firefox latest version
    Settings – Under tools button,click option,go privacy tab.

    *Un tick all the history settings
    *Un tick all the cookies settings,enable cookie only (not third party cookies) when you’re login at website.
    *Untick ask before clearing privacy data.
    *Go to security tab,untick all the passwords settings.
    *Go to advanced tab,make the offline storage to zero mb

    Internet Options Settings

    *Tick all the correct internet settings,untick those save passwords etc.
    *Under security tab,make internet medium setting
    *Under security tab,Local intranet is High setting,will not have negative effects on the sites that you’re viewing.
    *Under security tab,Trust sites is also High setting,will not have negative effects on the sites that you’re viewing.
    *Under security tab,Restricted site is also High or Custom settings
    (Custom probably by anti spyware,etc like spybot listed the correct restricted site settings in there)
    *Under privacy tab,click advanced,prompt for first party cookies (applies to internet explorer,so prompt is the best setting) ,and must tick block third party cookies.
    *Under content tab,un tick all the Auto Complete settings.
    Anti Virus Softwares

    Recommend Avira,Avast,Norton but not Mcafee,AVG etc.

    *Avira highest detection rates,excellent scannings,but the free edition only contain anti virus protection.(Top anti virus detection rates)

    *Avast,second highest detection rates,excellent Boot-time scan and tons of protection layers of shields (Much more overall protection,decent detection rates too)

    *Norton 2009,i think it’s an complete overhaul version,the memory usage is superb low,extremely rare,since norton is known as system hog, Previous versions used too much unnecessary memory,slows computer down tremendously. The detection rates is good,not sure how much though. The protection is advanced type as stated. Can try by downloading the trail version(Lower detection rates but memory usage is quite low)
    Anti Spywares freewares

    *Spybot search & destory,protects system settings and so on(Must have)

    *Spyware Blaster,an anti spyware layer of protection(Must have)

    *Advanced systemcare 3,nice freeware of registry cleaner + spyware defense provided by iobit. (Though the free edition lacks deep scan etc,but still useful)

    Excellent Anti Spyware Scanners *Not protection,unless you pay for it

    *Ad aware 2008


    *Super anti spyware

    *Of course,make sure you use the correct settings in every software you uses,common sense.

    Download Websites Recommendations

    FileHippo.com – Download Free Software
    Free Software Downloads and Reviews – Download.com


    Use the detailed reformat instead of quick reformat,its much more effective but much more longer duration…it’s safer though.

    Then re-download all the window updates from the microsoft website,and download an anti virus and updated it before you download any other softwares


    It’s best to scan things in safe mode,and use the folder option settings in computer correctly for scanning purpose

    *shows hidden files and folders
    *Un-tick hide protection operating system files
    *Un-tick hide extension for known file types
    *Turn off System Restore,some trojans tends to hide in there etc.

    Obviously its to let it scan the whole computer or drive thoroughly. Scanning in Safe mode is quite necessary too,Safe mode is F8 key.

    **Credit to Twtew from Yahoo Answer,under the Title ”Basic computering guide”.

    Purpose : Obviously not for spamming,just want to post something useful. And nowadays theres a lot harmful stuffs even if you did not visit adult sites.

    Modified : To add this line,won’t be replying to any posts/questions if theres any,just as i mentioned,just to post something useful only.

  2. davidkenmuir
    June 2nd, 2012 at 00:04 | #2

    wow, thanks, I use avg and Zone alarm firewall and have never had a prob, that i didn’t cause… but thanks for telling everyone to avoid free avg, but pay for other software.
    References :

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