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Information Regarding Check Search Engine Position

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CuteRank is one tool that will allow you to verify and monitor keyword rankings on various search engines. These include Bing, Yahoo, Google, AOL, and Ask. In other words, you would be able to assess what keywords are popular or not in these search engines. In knowing this data, you would be able know what keywords to use for blogs. If you are doing well, more visitors will come to your site. If not, you would be able to devise ways to improve.

CuteRank provides a graph on keyword performance so that you would be able to analyze and improve your search engine ranking. This tool can be downloaded for free but will only accommodate one website while the paid version can be used for multiple websites. Downloading this tool takes only a few seconds and will be immediately mounted in your PC. You just need to key in your site’s URL and enter your keywords, or you can also press the button that says Auto Detect Keyword to identify the keywords from a meta tag. This tool will then immediately verify your keyword position on your desired search engine.

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