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An Overview of Search Engine Optimization (seo)

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There is a list of what not to do as well, and that list is applicable to all engines, as it mostly refers to tricks and hacks unscrupulous designers use to try to trick the engines. These kinds of pages generally get removed by automated tools and don’t generally last very long, so they are not recommended to bother with. Website optimization starts with content. If the content is irrelevant, the website will not last long in the rankings, no matter how many keywords are included. The best way to get relevant content is to get an expert to write the content. General content may be friendlier to beginners, but in the search optimization arena, content is what is going to keep readers coming back and webmasters linking to the page. Many search engines use link counters to rank sites. If enough people like and value the site, they will link to it from their own site as an example of expert help for visitors seeking more detailed information than they can provide, or are willing to provide.

Often, general-interest sites will link to expert sites, thereby also driving their own traffic up as the initial portal to those expert sites and improving their own rankings in the optimization listings. The quality of the sites linked is also a major factor in the rankings, as quality sites such as Microsoft and Google are going to be more effective “heavy hitters” than a link to Bob’s House of Website Optimizing. When the content is being created, keywords are the “anchors” that search engines hook onto, but just filling your content with keywords risks being dismissed as a spam site, as many spammers merely fills a page with keywords, hoping to hook anyone searching for anything.

These kinds of pages are usually removed quickly, but they exist nonetheless. Specific keywords are the key–instead of Search Engine, use Search Engine Optimization for Google, or combinations of the key words or phrases. Optimization for Search Engines in one area, then Optimizing for higher Search Engine rankings in other increases the chances of an engine ranking your website content a little higher than it may have otherwise. The guidelines for content also go for Meta tags such as the title. Title is very important, as it is one of the bigger spots for an engine to catch, as well as the hook that draws a surfer in once the rankings have been displayed. A recommended length is 50-80 characters (including spaces); with keywords located near the beginning in case the window is resized on the screen.



A good example would be “Search Engine Optimization tips and tricks for Google”, instead of “How to do important SEO for websites.” Search Engine Optimization–what to avoid: Don’t use huge strings of keywords without relevant content–you may be labeled as a spammer and blacklisted off the engine(s) you’re trying to climb. Stay away from pop-ups, excessive load times (by keeping the page clean and using fast hosting servers), and lots of flash animation, as this takes time to load and also detracts from the readability of the site.


  1. Anonymous
    February 9th, 2013 at 03:24 | #1

    How do I promote ClickBank products?
    Serious help needed please?

  2. Tim Pond
    February 9th, 2013 at 08:26 | #2

    Hi Taylor,

    I suggest you join Warrior Forum, become an active contributor for a while. Then you can join WarriorPlus for a reasonable monthly fee. The WSO’s = Warrior Forum Special Offers are often of much better quality than Clickbank products.

    Utilize social media: create a Facebook page and a new Twitter account. And always share your posts on your FB page and tweet about it regularly – at least twice a day. Invite new friends on Facebook – no more than 20 per day – and invite them to like your Page. This way search engines will notice your presence there. You can create targeted FB ads too.
    You can submit your content to top social bookmarking sites by using Onlywire. It’s free and easy to use.
    Comment on blog and forum posts in your niche and leave the link to your website in your signature. Create a Squidoo lense and a page on Hubpages.com. Google loves these pages.
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  3. Jake
    February 9th, 2013 at 08:28 | #3

    To put things in perspective. There are something over 100,000 clickbank affiliates (someone mentioned a million but of those most would have never made a sale)

    Just don’t expect to slap together a basic site and have orders rolling in.

    For most, getting traffic is key, and really where you need to be focused, pick a specialty you can write about on a sustained basis that has available affiliate programs, it may be best to focus on getting a site ranked in search engines for a few months before even putting in advertisements.

    It’s probably worth buying a cheap tutorial or 2, like warriorforum WSOs to get the whole plan for basic promotion methods.
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  4. ClickScoop
    February 9th, 2013 at 08:30 | #4


    Although your question is a little vague I will attempt to provide you with some insight. Asking "How do I promote ClickBank products?" is kind of like asking "How do I watch movies?". There’s a lot of different ways, you could watch a movie in a theater, on an iPhone, outside at the Drive In, etc. and the same holds true for promoting ClickBank products, there’s about a million ways. I’ll share with you the best long-term way.

    I’ve been promoting ClickBank products since I signed up with them back in March of 1999, over 12 years ago, and I’ve been making a full-time living promoting ClickBank products and selling my own digital products on ClickBank full-time for nearly 10 years. From my experience what I’m about to share with you is the best overview of how to promote ClickBank products in my experience.

    For the sake of a shorter reply I’m only going to cover some of the basics..

    1.) Get a ClickBank account. You’ll need one to start promoting ClickBank products and it’s free to get, just go to http://www.ClickBank.com and sign up for an account.

    2.) Pick a product from the ClickBank Marketplace at http://www.ClickBank.com/Marketplace

    3.) Once you’ve selected your product you’ll create what’s called a hoplink, this link will track the people who click through and purchase the product. When someone purchases through clicking on your link you’ll make a commission.

    That’s essentially how it works, however that information alone will not be enough because you’ll need to know what to do with your link, where do you find people to click on it and buy the products you’re promoting. Here’s some general advice I recommend…

    1.) What to avoid – I recommend avoiding anything you don’t explicitly control 100%. If you want to promote ClickBank products you want to do it long term, otherwise why waste your time. Avoid building a business solely around a FaceBook page, a Twitter account, or a Squidoo Lens. Those should be used only as tools to drive traffic to your OWN website. Also avoid anything that promises easy riches or sounds too good to be true.

    2.) Get your OWN website – You need your own home base, a platform from which you can sell other products, you want to develop traffic (visitors) to that website and build a community. You want to be in control of it and you want to collect email leads AND sell from the website.

    3.) Use social media, Search Engines, Paid Advertising or all three to drive traffic to your website/community. This is a brief overview so I’m not going to go into how all the different methods work, but you’ll want to pick one to start with. Social media is good if you have more time than money, paid advertising is good if you have more money than time, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is something you should do all the time.

    4.) Model successful niches, marketers, methods, and products. Don’t re-invent the wheel. You want to find out what other people are doing successfully and follow their lead.

    5.) Learn, Learn Learn. Asking your question here is a great start. But it’s only the beginning. I would recommend reading popular websites in the ClickBank niche, visiting and asking questions on Forum, and purchasing a few ‘good’ products. Just be very careful that you invest your time wisely, many forums can be a distraction, many products are bad, and many websites are full of misinformation. My advice is to deal with people you can get to know and trust. Don’t buy anything from someone who doesn’t show their face.

    So there you are. Hopefully this gives you a bit of an idea on what’s involved with promoting ClickBank products and how you can at least start. ClickBank is a great platform that you can use to make a full-time living online.

    Best of luck Taylor!
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