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Inside Multi-level Marketing: How To Choose An MLM

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Choosing an MLM (multi level marketing) company can be somewhat daunting. The problem is that there are so many opportunities out there. Some have the potential to be profitable, and some are scams, whether they are intentional scams or just companies that do not have a good track record. Below are a few tips to help anyone who is considering joining an MLM company: both what a prospective investor should look for and what to avoid.

1) How long has the company been around?

This is one of the best ways to separate the good companies from the MLM companies that may be scams or have weak foundations. Because an MLM company is an investment that you want to continue profiting from long-term, you should take into consideration their track record and the amount of time they have been around. If they have been operating for less than 5 years, proceed with caution.

2) Does the MLM company have a solid foundation?

This is important to the company’s growth in the future. A publicly traded company is required to disclose their financial position in detail every 90 days, this is reassuring for anyone wanting to join, and publicly trading companies are ideal to look into as they have their information easily accessible. Avoid an MLM company that is not willing to provide you with financial details before joining.

3) What is the Product or Service?

Another really important issue is whether the product or service that the MLM company is selling is unique and profitable or if it is something that is mundane and unpopular. If there is really is no substance to the company then it is bound to result in disaster. When considering the products that the company is offering, consider whether the product is likely to stand the test of time. If you buy into a company that is selling a product that has a short-term appeal or has no consumable products, it is likely the company will fold once the market moves on to another fad.

4) Will you be able to make money from the MLM Company right away?

If you have to wait too long to see benefits from your hard work it is likely that you will give up in frustration, before you even receive your first check or bonus. If you cannot see the likelihood of generating an income immediately from the company or if they set the requirements for bonuses too high then you should probably avoid them.

5) What sort of tools and technology does the MLM Company use for their marketing?

Gone are the days when MLM company representatives went from door to door. Nowadays there are tools available to do the majority of the selling online. Make sure that the MLM Company that you are thinking of investing in has these tools and strategies in place, and that they are working well for the representatives that are already using them.

6) Is the person showing you the MLM Company successful?

Is your referrer successful and is he dedicated to seeing you succeed? MLM marketing has been successful in the past because everyone in both the upline and downline commits to making others succeed. Helping others is the only way to become successful. If the person who is introducing you to the MLM Company is not dedicated to helping you (his downline) make money, then he is not really dedicated to making money himself. If this is the case, alarm bells should be ringing.

7) How much time do you need to dedicate to the MLM plan to make it successful?

The reason this is so important is that if the MLM plan requires the representative to work full time, then the risk is huge. Meaning the new representative will have to quit their day job in order to become a part of the program. Any MLM company asking its representatives to do this is expecting too much. Ideally, while the representative is working toward making their MLM business a success, they should still be able to keep their current job until they are generating enough income to quit their job.

8) Will you enjoy yourself?

You need to ask yourself if you will enjoy marketing and representing this company, do you like the products and the people in your upline? Any business that you invest in should both be profitable, as well as enjoyable; otherwise, you might as well continue working at your current job.

MLM opportunities can be highly profitable, create an enjoyable atmosphere, and help bring your goals, dreams, and desires to life. Any business opportunity that you decide to become a part of, will take a lot of hard work and dedication to make it succeed. As long as the company that you choose fits into the above-mentioned criteria, you should be on your way to becoming successful and hopefully very wealthy in your new endeavor.


  1. WannaBeARockstar
    February 12th, 2013 at 03:17 | #1

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  2. Pandas4me
    February 12th, 2013 at 08:19 | #2

    Recognizing a Work at Home Scam
    Avoid falling victim to a work at home scam by recognizing the following warning signs in job advertisements:
    • Boasts no experience necessary
    • Promises easy money and huge part-time earnings
    • Promotes having “inside” business information
    • Asks you to purchase products or instructions before getting “hired”
    Outcomes of a Work at Home Scam
    Protect yourself from tempting work-at-home promotions that offer exaggerated benefits by being informed of the outcomes. The outcomes of work at home scams include: a waste of money, time, reputation, and morale.
    Victims of work at home scams have reported losses ranging from $10 to $70,000. Although the money loss may be recovered, the countless hours that you spend on unfruitful projects can’t. You may also end up selling nonexistent services and poor products to your customers, making yourself vulnerable to charges of fraudulent practices.
    Types of Work at Home Scams
    • Assembly Jobs: Involves investing hundreds of dollars to buy instructions and materials to produce crafts and signs for a potential company. After producing the products, the company may refuse to buy your products because it doesn’t meet their standards.
    • Multi-Level Marketing (MLM): Requires you to recruit new people to sell a scammer’s products or services. You often end up making close to nothing when the direct sales system crashes.
    • Stuffing Envelopes: Tricks people into believing they can make $3 or $4 per envelope they stuff. If you apply, you may end up receiving promotional material asking you to buy instructions on how to get rich quick. The instruction will show you how to post similar job ads for stuffing envelopes.
    • Online Businesses: Advertises how you can start your own online business and start making money fast. If you apply you will be asked to purchase a pointless guide to work-at-home jobs.
    • Processing Claims: Deceives you into thinking that you can make hundreds of dollars a week by processing insurance claims for health care providers. Asks you to pay for training and to buy equipment and software in order to get started.
    The best way to protect yourself from work at home scams is by not applying and staying informed of the outcomes. Remember there’s no easy way to make money. Every start up business and career requires hard work, resources, and luck.

    The Truth Behind Nigerian Scams
    • Emerged in the early 1980s under consecutive governments of Nigeria.
    • Constitutes the 3rd to the 5th largest industry in Nigeria.
    • May be also referred to as an advanced fee fraud, 419 fraud, The Nigerian Connection, and 419 – a section of the criminal code of Nigeria
    • Authorities often don’t recover the cash raked in from victims.
    • Perpetrators are often West Africans, predominantly Nigerians, who work from Nigeria and abroad.
    • Nigerian scams remain a confidence fraud, not a cyber crime, tapping into all avenues of communications.
    How Nigerian Scams Work
    The potential victim of a Nigerian scam receives a letter via spam, fax, or mail. The letter requests the recipient to aid in laundering money out of the country or another illegal job in return for a huge sum of money. Many variations of the Nigerian scam letter exists, but most request a small amount of money to help transfer an incredible amount of wealth in return for a substantial monetary award.
    However, if the recipient chooses to pay the upfront fee to help transfer the money. The recipient will often receive another request for a transfer fee with a promise of even more cash. This continues until the recipient runs out of money or the scammer moves on to fresh bait.
    Some scammers may even request your personal information, like your bank account or credit card number, so they can transfer the non-existent cash award to you, making it important to know that whenever you give your personal information online or over the phone you open yourself to the possibilities of falling victim to identity theft, credit card fraud, insurance fraud, internet fraud, and more scams. So, take the extra step to protect your personal information and discard Nigerian scam letters and other unsolicited emails, services, and requests.
    Recipients of Nigerian Scams
    If you receive a Nigerian scam letter through any means of communication, you should do the following:
    • Discard the letter and don’t respond
    • Post a complaint to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) or http://www.ic3.gov/
    • File a complaint to the Nigerian Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) at http://www.efccnigeria.org/, if you’ve lost money
    • Write a letter to the email provider of the scammer at the abuse address, if you received the scam through your free email provider. Remember to include the letter you’ve received plus its headers and subject line in the complaint.
    References :

  3. Tom
    February 12th, 2013 at 08:21 | #3

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