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Affiliate Programs: Making Money Online Through These Tools

Many people today prefer starting up a home business in the Internet to provide extra cash or a way to provide extra income for the household. Aside from their regular jobs, people today are now also starting home businesses. Besides, with the increasing prices of basic commodities, you would want some extra money to keep up with the household expenses.

However, there are many online businesses today that you should consider and because of the number of online businesses available, it tends to create confusion on which online business is the best kind of business that you can get in to. One good online home business that you can definitely earn money from is through affiliate programs.

Affiliate programs are now one of the things that you will constantly see and hear in the Internet. Because you don’t actually need to sell anything, this kind of business is ideal for someone who doesn’t have enough capital to start a home business. Also, this kind of home business is a very good moneymaking venture that is recommended for everyone.

You don’t even have to have an MBA to start this kind of business. All you need is website with a particular theme. For example, if you are a fitness expert, you can take advantage of this knowledge not only in the gym as a fitness trainer, but you can also use this knowledge for an affiliate program business. Try to build a website that has a fitness training topic. You can make an article about fitness training and you can post them in your website.

After making a website about fitness, you can now choose an affiliate program that is also about the same niche. It can be about fitness supplements, such as protein powders or pills, or it can also be about fitness equipments. This will be like a banner or advertising in your website. Once someone clicks on that banner or advertising, the visitor will be directed to your affiliate company’s website where all the fitness products are displayed for them to buy. They will enter the website with your name as the person who referred that person to the company’s website. If they purchase something, you will automatically earn a commission for every product purchased.

Now that you know how affiliate programs work, you now have to learn how to let people online know that your website exists. You have to advertise your website in order to generate targeted traffic. One way to do this is by publishing articles related to your website’s niche in popular article publishing websites. You have to remember that you should include your website’s URL in order to let them click on the link included in the article and instantly direct them to your website.

Since your article is related to your website’s niche, you can be sure that people who are reading your article is interested in visiting your website. This means that you will be increasing the chances of generating targeted traffic and decreasing spam traffic.

Always remember that the key to affiliate program is laser-targeted traffic. This is why you should advertise your website well and spend a little money on programs that will improve your chances on generating targeted traffic. There are a lot of ways you can generate targeted traffic, and making articles and publishing them on article publishing websites is just one of them.

Mario R. Churchill

  1. emarketingguyz
    June 8th, 2012 at 00:13 | #1

    Which of these 3 sites do you recommend most? (e-Business Only)?
    I’m 26 years old and pride myself on being an Entreprenuer and an Internet Marketer. I have wasted thousands on home business schemes and am now engaged and trying to create a real ebusiness that works.

    I am torn between 3 websites that offer what I am looking for in a home business:

    6StepNicheSites.com – A Free guide that teaches you how to make niche blog sites that make you passive income through Adsense and Affiliate programs.

    SiteBuildIt.com – A complete Business In A Box program that teaches you everything about ebusiness and has all the tools to help you build a legit niche business online.

    FirePow.com – A brand new time saving system that allows you to put up tons of niche blog sites and make money through Adsense and Affiliate programs.

    Basically I wish I could do all of them but I’m under a lot of pressure to start something and I don’t like wishy washy crap…if I make a decision I like to go all the way.

    So please if you have any insight into these 3 sites please let me know what you recommend.

    Finally…DO NOT post links to outside schemes or opportunities. I am ONLY interested in the ones listed here. Please also answer ONLY if you have real working knowledge! Thanks!

  2. Rob
    June 8th, 2012 at 05:15 | #2

    What can this survey site do for you?
    Through this survey site, you can earn money in many ways. These can be done through referring people, participating in contests and completing offers without having to spend a single cent. All you need to do is click the link to join Cashle, and you can start getting paid daily without leaving the comforts of your own home.

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  3. Idalino da Silva
    June 8th, 2012 at 05:17 | #3

    Hello My Dear,

    I have attempted "SiteBuildIt" during a year and my in-law did the same thing…

    I have no knowledge about the other two specific sites you have mentioned but, I did attempt other similar ones with a very "steep ticket price"… Like Stompernet.


    It is not as complete as they promise in their salesletters and videos. Do not get me wrong though, I do understand that many people are very successful using "SBI", for example.

    What we need to understand is that there is a very important piece in all this internet game equation as it does in the offline business world. And that is: You, me and whoever else decide to go this route.

    I have spent tens, tens, tens and tens of thousand of dollars and failed miserably during 10 years, in this endeavor alone. But what I have noticed is that all those system, programs, opportunities I failed in… most of them still active and people are achieving success even today. Furthermore, I concluded, the only common denominator in all my failures, was I. Hard to accept… but self-deception can be even more painful long-term.

    It shifts everything if you look that way. Now I know what/who I have to work on and that it is time to stop looking for "the pie in the sky", you know, we are all made to believe that "Some Kind Of Magic Wand" exists and, all we need to do is keep looking, buying useless"maps" along the way until we find it.

    That is a "TRANCE" we need to get out of… quickly.

    What I am trying to convey here is that if you do not have any high perceivable value to offer to our fellowman you will go nowhere until you get that straight.

    That is what business is really meant to be. Businesses (on or offline) should add more value (time, money, health, true happiness, etc.) to others’ lives then what they spent in exchange for it.

    Jim Rohn "the business philosopher" says something like: "The More You Become, The More You Achieve. The More You Achieve, The More You Become. And I do not know which one affects one or the other the most."

    I completely agree and would ask you to ponder in those words for a while.

    You see, anyone that would take some time to learn a little about the tech involved, would be able to put up a bunch of websites, a pile of scraped content, links for affiliates products, Adsense, etc. everywhere. But for that you can not expect much back, we have more than enough of that out there already. Unless you are not looking for some that will last for quite sometime but, instead, would not mind to be restarting from scratch (or close) again and again.

    That’s one of the reasons they pay so little for hamburguer makers, dish-washers and other of the like occupations that doesn’t require any special gift, talent, art, personality, uniqueness, etc.

    Jim Rohn, also says, "Work Harder On Yourself Than You Do On Your Job"… I would add, "than on your business, websites and so on".

    P.S. I would choose SBI.

    I hope this assists you.
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    The Science Of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles

    Magnetic Marketing by Dan Kennedy

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