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Search Engine Submission Tools Attract Traffic Like Bees to Honey!

Search engine submission tools make it easy for webmasters to submit their website URLs to search engines. Most webmasters would have one or two of these search engine submission tools in their arsenal for website promotion. Without them, search engine submission does not reach its full potential as a traffic generation technique. This article would explain why search engine submission is critical to a website’s success and why search engine submission tools are must-have tools in every webmaster’s toolkit.

What is search engine submission? Webmasters since the start of the internet age saw the importance of search engines as a free source of traffic. Having your website listed, ie indexed in major search engines is like listing your home in the street directory so that people may find you. People only hear of the big names such as Google, Yahoo and MSN, but they do not know that even these big search engines are actually networks of smaller search engines, in the tune of thousands of them.

Though approximately 80% of search engine traffic comes from the 3 major search engines, the smaller search engines still account for a sizeable 20%. Do not belittle how much traffic they can bring to your website. Therefore, it is important to submit to these smaller search engines. Unfortunately, manual submission without the aid of search engine submission tools can be taxing in time and energies. Most webmasters would rather work on building content and more websites than to do data-entry.

As I have mentioned, submitting to thousands of search engines manually is tedious. Time is of essence to successful webmasters. People have resorted to free search engine submission tools or online services. Sad to say, a lot of these free services or tools are buggy and your submission is either incomplete or under wrong categories. In both cases, your submissions are rejected – a complete waste of time and effort. It can be costly to submit to each major search engine such as Yahoo, for inclusion. There are online paid search engine submission services but tread carefully as many of them don’t deliver decent submission results. Those which do provide excellent search engine submission services can be pretty costly for a new webmaster.

There is another alternative for search engine submission that is, using search engine submission tools such as search engine submission software. These tools are capable of either submitting semi-automatically or automatically to a preloaded list of search engines. Submission is systematic and saves a great deal of time. These search engine submission tools are relatively cheap when we measure it in terms of the time savings you get, freeing you to focus on building your business or engaging in other website promotion activities. Such tools normally carries a one-time price tag so most newbie webmasters can also afford them. Read more at my blog about several affordable search engine submission tools that you can use to drive instant traffic.

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