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SEO Tool for Webmaster

As a webmaster you will be dealing with any number of websites, with the internet growing at a rate of knots it is going to be more and more. So tools that make life easier are becoming more and more sort after. In my personal experience I have used 6 different programs and in this article I am going to tell you about the one that I am currently using that is by far the best for the projects that I am working on making it a perfect SEO tool for webmaster.

OK so the projects that I am working on range between a single page website through to a 50,000 page site, within the product that I am telling you about it is possible that you can manage all of the pages in all of your projects from the one program including HTML editing and managing your links.

Web SEO offers how to find a Niche with your keywords. A niche is where you find how to get your traffic to the sites you are managing by finding the keywords that are searched on but offer very little in the way of results but a high number of searches. For example if you search on ipod you will get thousands of results from Google, however if you search for “ipod nano 4gb” it will return much fewer results and will mean that you stand a better chance of getting to the top of the search engine listings. Within the Niche section you can also optimize your pages. The optimization will give you a report that gives keyword weight (the number of times your keyword appears in the page). You can also edit the pages so you can add the keywords directly into the page within the application. Perfect as a SEO tool for webmaster.

Web SEO also allows you to promote the site within the program, the ability to submit all of the URL’s in your site is provided and you will not have to enter the URL’s for input the software automatically scans the site for links and submits them from this list.

Another important part of SEO is to build up a good link relationship with other sites. The software offers a Link Popularity Analyzer which checks the internet to see how many other sites have a link back to your own. On top of that it also has a module for finding link partners, these are other sites that could offer a reciprocal link back to your site increasing your popularity and your Search Engine ranking. Yet another perfect SEO tool for webmaster.

Pay per click campaigns have a great impact on the amount of traffic that your site gets (ever wonder how the big boys always manage to get to the top and get the sponsored links as well?) if someone is searching for a particular product then chances are they know what they want and have done a fair amount of research if you have the correct keywords and your landing pages are correct alongside your keywords then you will find your traffic and your profitability goes up as a result. (Information on this can be found at moneymarbella.com)

The software also has modules for analyzing your site checking your current rankings on over 120 search engines as well as getting traffic reports for checking against any traffic reporting software that you might have installed on your web server. This will allow you to analyze your results and give you the indications you need that you are doing the right thing to get traffic to your site and just as much to keep it there.

Finally there is section that allows you to maintain the site, you can from here upload your site with any changes you might have made via FTP to your own server. There is also a quality control so you can check that all of your links are working and that you have no broken links that might well have an negative effect on your website rankings should you have broken links.

There is a free download available but it is restricted in the services that are available. I purchased the full version as I was very impressed by what it does and how it manages the sites, I have done away with manual research now and use this product along with the website moneymarbella.com products to ensure that my sites sit high up the search engine results and get the traffic they need.

Steve Hooper

  1. ic_434
    March 9th, 2013 at 05:26 | #1

    What is the difference between Keywords, Matched search queries, and webmaster tools?
    I use google analytics (but not adwords). What is the difference between keywords, matched search queries, and webmaster tools?

    So confused.

  2. Colin Garrard
  3. Curtis Beloved
    March 9th, 2013 at 10:30 | #3

    if you are a web designer then you use key words for visibility of search engines searching your sites and matched search queries use search engines web master tools help to analyses your sites for better performing

    for better knowledge visit http://uvenet.blogspot.com
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  4. alexdigital
    March 9th, 2013 at 10:32 | #4

    Keywords are the words people enter into search engines.

    Matched search queries is an adwords report in analytics that shows the actual search terms that triggered an impression of your ad.

    Webmaster tools is a google tool that gives you information on how Google sees your website for organic searches. You can also use it to upload a sitemap to help Google find all your pages.
    References :
    I’m an internet consultant. http://www.alexdigital.com/

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