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Effectively Marketing Your Site With a Proper Search Engine Optimization

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There are more than 4 billion pages on the Internet. How will people find yours? This is a short article about the design of your site with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind to help users find what they are offering.

There are two ways to search the Internet using a directory or using a search engine. A directory like Yahoo lists of Web sites using categories. Users must select the appropriate category, and then “details” to find your site. Generally, you must submit your own site (and often pay a fee), which are listed in a directory.

Search engines such as Google employ robots (known as robots or spiders) that crawl the Internet constantly looking for new information. Once the new information found, which is evaluated and placed in the giant database used when a user enters a search term.

His first task in designing your site with SEO in mind, therefore, is to determine what search terms of its potential users will use to search for product information or service in place. What you call your products and what its potential customers to call their products can be two different things. You need to optimize the conditions for most of the time sought by potential customers. These are your keywords. You are structured around your website keywords.

How do you determine the keywords? The easiest way is to ask potential users how the search for a site that offers the service or product. Ask friends and neighbors is good, but calls for your clients is better. Focus group is even better.

If you have an existing website, to check their records for reference. ClickTracks Web Analytics is a good log file analyzer. What search terms are used to find your site? If you currently sell products, adding a line to your shopping cart asking people how they found the site. Another good way to determine which keywords to use is the investigation of their competitors sites. What do the keywords you use?

You need to identify each of the words used to describe your product and the frequency of those words. If your product or service is local, its location is a key word that you should be sure to include on each page. Need a jump start? Overture, a pay-per-click service offers a free search term suggestion tool. For a fee, Word tracker will do the same. You can check to see how to classify your keywords in various search engines in Free http://www.visualsindia.com

Once you have established your keywords, you can start designing your site
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