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Effective Tool for Search Engine Ranking Analysis

Search Engine Ranking of a website is important for any Search Engine Optimization Company and Online Marketers. Search Engine Optimization, Inc., announced the future launch of Engine Tracker, a service that constantly monitors 18 key criteria used to rank the websites of the customers choice. The service facilitates webmasters, SEO specialists, corporate executives and marketing directors to notice the key factors contributing to their search engine rankings in addition to those of competitors combined in one spot, keep track those values over time, and immediately make out significant changes in any of the criteria to help their online marketing strategy.

The services include the number of pages indexed in major search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo, inclusions in the four major directories, inbound links to major search engines, Googles page rank and Alexas traffic ratings. It helps the customers to create customized email alerts informing them of changes that meet user-defined thresholds (for example, if Google links decline from 25,000 to 21,000).It also contains a blog offering specialized analysis of updates and other changes to the main search engines.

Online marketers need to be aware of the reasons behind the search engine ranking to run effective search engine optimization campaigns, take immediate action when necessary, and see how those actions or others affect their Internet positioning. It has been a tedious and time-consuming manual job. The Engine Tracker service makes it easy by gathering all of the information and reporting processes to give subscribers fast, accurate and timely insight into their online marketing status.

Dashboards utilize up and down arrows that instantly convey changes in ranking values; mouseovers that reveal the raw data behind those changes; and other features for rapid interpretation. Charts can be customized to show the data that is most significant to that customer; organized to provide at-a-glance comparison of subscribers and competitors ranking values; and printed and/or saved as an image for insertion into other reports.


For better search engine ranking, Engine Tracker is definitely useful. It can check any number of URLs. The service automatically collects the required information on the 18 primary criteria used in the formulas that decide those sites search engine rankings. That information as well as any data collected in live user checks is then saved in a database and included into charts and grid-type dashboards that are automatically generated by the service for trend analysis.

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