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Information Regarding Html Tools

November 15th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Organization is Key!
So, first thing you do is organize your work. Make sure if these files are in different folders in different versions that you make one folder that has the latest stable version of each file in it. One folder to rule them all! (Yes, I watched Lord of the Rings too many times.) In my case, I have a folder called local, and under that folder is a folder called common-files. That common-files folder also has folders that other pages may need. There is also a folder called doc_types which holds icons for various document types.

I have a one file that has all the company information in it that other files use. This makes templating much easier. Instead of having to type Acme Widget Company I just have to type $company and the server will put it in for me. Some files already have that information, for example the accessibility statement is the same except for the name of the company, so that file uses the $company variable.

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