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Computer Privacy and Erase Browser History Tools

The purpose of Internet Eraser software is to erase selected files, folders, Internet Cache, and/or cookies from your PC without the chances of them being recovered. Internet eraser software is a great utility that cleans up your hard drive from any unwanted files that might jeopardize you as a family man or an honest worker in a company.

Majority of the common people who uses internet are not aware of the fact that whenever they pass through a website, the images are saved in the hard drive in a secret file or folder. Even though one manually deletes these files traces of these files still remains in the hard disk, which can be easily retrieved back with the help of any data recovery programs. So if you wish to erase these unwanted files permanently from the hard disk, you can do so with the help of any internet eraser software programs.

The internet eraser software helps to remove search history, delete temporary internet files, empty recycle bin, remove cookies, and clear internet cache. You may believe that by just clearing the browser history will clear all the URLs that you had visited. However this is not true, all your web browsing activities are stored in the index.dat file. As index.dat file is a system file, you cannot delete it or clear the file details manually. Internet eraser software helps you to delete all the encrypted information stored in the index.dat file. Another major advantage of internet eraser software is that, the software works well with almost all popular web browsers. Some of the web browsers supported by internet eraser software are Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape, and FireFox.

Internet eraser software is a great software program whether you are using the computer for business purpose or just for checking mails or surfing the net. Whatever be the use, you may be using different important usernames and passwords for checking mails, online banking etc. Using the internet eraser software in your system and cleaning the system once in a while will make sure that your PC is kept clean and safe from the reach of hackers.

Nowadays, there are several software vendors offering internet eraser software. Before choosing any particular software, make sure that you have spend some time to compare the features of various internet eraser software programs and selecting the one which best suits your needs.

Sam Roberts

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