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Computer Cleaner and Pc Cleaner Software Tools

The internet eraser software is such a great software program that should be installed in all computers. It is much more required and needed in a computer where the user tends to use the internet a lot, with a lot of surfing. When you surf the internet, you gain access to all sorts of information you may ever need, or knew of existing in the world.

The internet provides information on health, legal matters, geography, history, entertainment, porn and many other fields. When surfing the internet, you never actually know when secret files are created in the computer storing illegal and illicit photos and information. In fact, you can and will be blamed for wrong deeds with the existence of pictures of these types hidden in the computer. So it is better to get rid of all this information that you may gain through the internet with the help of internet eraser software.

With the internet eraser software installed in the computer, it is possible for you to delete the IE address bar history one at a time instead of deleting the complete address bar history. The reason this is a preferred action is that sometimes there are most frequently visited URLs in the computer browser. It is better keeping these URLs in the browser so that there is no need of you retyping them from scratch when typing the URL in the browser.

With the internet eraser software, it is also possible for you to delete the IE cookies found in the computer, one at a time. Cookies are basically files that secretly get downloaded in the computer to spy on all your website activities and personal information. These cookies can prove to be rather dangerous to you and your life as unwanted information may get disclosed to the wrong people. Of course, there are also good cookies in the computer where the internet eraser software permits them to stay in the computer. You just have to delete the unwanted cookies only.

There are several internet eraser software programs readily available in the internet. All you have to do is to download the right internet eraser software, which comes with all the necessary features. With the right internet eraser software installed in the computer, you are sure to feel much more relieved and safe while surfing the internet. So why hesitate; just set out to look for the best internet eraser software in the internet and keep your computer safe.

Sam Roberts

  1. Anonymous
    May 17th, 2012 at 03:28 | #1

    Is there one tool or software which can provide function free pc cleaner for windows OS ?
    Has anyone used tool to free pc cleaner for windows OS ? Any recommendations?
    Hey, this is a question about free pc cleaner in windows here.
    Does anyone know how to do find or use a tool free pc cleaner for windows OS ? Share me with your experience/ tell me how to resolve it.
    Thanks in advance.
    As an old computer user, I have stored many hard disks in the past ten years.
    Now I am using two 2T big disk and other disks with windows 7 OS, and I also used windows xp, vista for some years.
    The disks are fulled with too many personal files.I want to check and clean my hard disk.
    I meet a big issue that there are two many duplicated files in my disks, but I can not find good ways to delete them. How to run or use free pc cleaner tool in windows?
    My computer becomes very slowly with too many files, especially a lot of duplicated files.
    These duplicated files maybe duplicated photos, duplicated mp3, duplicated movie files, duplicated documents, which are with same size, but different name.
    Some files are with the same name, but in different folder. Some files are with different name and different folders. Especially some duplicated photos used too many usage.
    I need one tool or method which can do disk analyzer and list the big files for me. Then i can decide how to do wit
    the files in turn.

    I try some tools to list and delete dupliate files, but not find a good one.
    How to find one tool free pc cleaner in windows 7? The duplicated photos are with different name, but the same size and different folder or different time stamp. I try to delete the duplicated files manually, but it is too slow to delete the duplicated files easily one by one by hand.
    Any one has good idea to delete the duplicated files photos with one good and secure tool?
    My question is how to find a good free pc cleaner in windows OS? Thanks for your reply in advance.

  2. SmartAZ
    May 17th, 2012 at 08:30 | #2


    These sites have nearly everything ever made for PC and Mac.
    References :

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