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5 Popular Spyware Removal Tools – Important Facts Revealed

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Usually mere surfing in net would not install spyware software in the computer. But when a free download is done the spyware might get quickly installed along with it. Later any of your web activities and habits is reported to its website. All such user’s information is tracked and sent. All private information and accounts are gathered by the spyware software which is not safe.

It is a warning to the users. The privacy is gone and all personal information of the internet user’s gets revealed out. Only knowledge on this software can help us in avoiding such dangers. Certain anti-spyware software are available for free and some after payment. But it is our responsibility to choose an appropriate and effective anti-spyware removal program.

While downloading anti-spyware program we need to make sure that it is an original one else it itself can be a spyware network. So the appropriate spyware removal program must be installed. This can be done if the official websites are visited and the free versions are downloaded.

Some of the popular and effective spyware removal programs are listed below:

1. Ad-Aware SE Personal. This is an adware or spyware removal tool which can be downloaded from internet and can be used for private use in operating systems. It scans for dangerous programs like spyware. The threat and consequence that the system would face due to spyware will be made aware of. It helps in uninstalling the spyware program in absolutely no time. This software has proven to be the most effective software for such spyware programs.

2. Spybot S&D. Spybot Destroy & Search is software which can detect and remove spyware programs of various types from the system. It is one of the most popular and effective spyware removal tools. Along with Ad-Aware, this can together be used because it is capable of detecting and deleting a bulk of spyware programs. The whole software is completely available for free download.

3. HiJack. It is one among the spyware removal program that gives information of buttons, browser add-ons and start up items to guide in finding malicious programs and remove then finally. It is similar to ms config and it does a thorough ob in finding such threats. A list will be presented on the unwanted files found in the registry. There will be no harm to the computer if these programs found are deleted.

4. IE-SPYAD. Like all the other anti-spyware program IE-SPYAD is another form of registry programs that adds or merge a list of advertisers, marketers, and spyware. IE-SPYAD blocks all the site zones that are restricted in the Internet Explorer. It is made denied of access. A program will be automatically ended if any spyware is detected by the IE-SPYAD spyware removal program.

5. X-Cleaner. Similar to every other anti-spyware program, X-Cleaner too perform performs file shredding, cookie cleaning, Internet cache cleaning and scans loads of malicious spyware programs. The deletion is done as soon as the spyware programs are detected. Added features and full support are provided in the professional version, but free download is available for a limited feature of this anti-spyware program.

Abhishek Agarwal

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